64. Anitha and Jayanth

64. Anitha and Jayanth

I enjoy listening to love stories. You'd never know when and where you'd find true love. Anitha and Jayanth met each other while they were working in Company #1 and then some how they met again in Company #2. Well it was kinda obvious that there was something written somewhere that they should meet each other again but this time in Scotland. Yup, Jayanth proposed to Anitha in Scotland, UK. What a beautiful setting! My learning from their story… it's getting more and more expensive to propose to women! :P Kidding!

From then on Mr. Jayanth was very popular among Anitha's friends and was known as Mr. Scotland! :)  

We had a fun time shooting their wedding. This time it was just photography so it was Meghna and me with the cameras.

The wedding was a very private affair with close friends and family blessing the occasion.  

Both of them are such high-spirited individuals. (Well I don't mean the GlenFiddich high here :P) They are always smiling, time to time we would see them sharing a joke and laugh out loud! That just shows the lovely chemistry and their bond. 

You'd see this in the pictures that follow. 

Here is a picture of Anitha. She looked lovely and relaxed. 

Check Jayanth's fancy head-gear. :)

Their wedding was very fast-paced. It was like the 100m Men's Running Race finals at the London Olympics. :P

They were so excited to tie the Thali. Look at their expressions! Anitha was actually clapping her hands while Jayanth tied the Thali. :)

I love this shot :)

This was the first time I've seen people circumambulating with one foot in a basket. They had to go around three times with one leg 'skate-boarding'. Interesting!

Managed to pull them away to get some pictures outside the hall just before they got ready for the Reception which was starting in 30mins. 

It's such a delight to take such pictures. 

I liked these getting ready shots of Anitha taken by Meghna. Esp. in B&W. 

Here is an example of them sharing a joke. :D

We did the casual shoot at Nrityagram. 

They were so relaxed and so in love! 

It's a challenge for me to not repeat shots but I just love this place. My niece accompanied me this time as a second shooter. 

I just love this picture! :)

Hello Love Birds …. 

Always wanted to take a picture of a couple swinging their legs freely over a ledge. :)

Both of them changed into another set of clothes. Look at Anitha's pretty outfit and Jayanth's jacket was so apt for that surrounding. (Probably inspired by the popularity of that Lady in Red that led the Indian team at the Olympics)

I want to end this blog post with my favorite picture from the shoot. 

Anitha and Jayanth, I think I've mentioned this a million times before but well I have to tell you this again, You guys make such a lovely pair! :D

Hope you like the pictures! :D 

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  • Sudharshan

    Super couple…. made for each other :)

  • Pallavi

    Nice pair, Je Baba & Kta

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