CuspConcepts is 2 Years Old!

CuspConcepts is 2 Years Old!

Yup! It's been 2 years since we started and the last year alone has been one awesome year for me personally and CuspConcepts. 

What a year it has been! Shot some amazing weddings, made loads of friends, visited so many places for the first time, conducted a couple of workshops on Photography, presented my thoughts of setting up a business at some B-schools and all that research on the best computer setup and software to streamline processes. Wow!

There were many learnings and developments in the last year but here are the major ones in my perspective. 

One. Shooting a wedding as a team is way more fun than shooting alone. I'm very lucky that so many super creative individuals contact me everyday, I wish I could take all of them for a wedding someday. The different perspectives, camera angles and camera setups (with different focal lengths) is really the best way to capture a wedding. There is a huge surprise element after every wedding, though I brief the team of the things I would require, it's fun to check out the pictures and video clips shot by each other sometimes of each other. (I cannot post these pictures because then no one would hire us :P)

Two. More than photography it was video which inspired me to setup CuspConcepts. It was my uncle, a short film director Shrikant Prabhu, who shot the 'Behind the scenes' video of my wedding and I was thinking Man! Everybody should get their weddings shot this way. Because it was so candid and the audio was original, it felt like we were part of it. From day one, have been looking out for ways to make the wedding film better. And finally, I think we have figured it out. Very satisfied with the results. We use a combination of a professional video camera and DSLRs. Capture audio using the famous ZOOM mic/sound recorder. Post-processing is way too complicated as of now but worth it at the end. 

Three. Bought a few new equipment and cameras. The Lytro, which is just amazing and the GoPro Hero 2 HD super compact video camera. With the Lytro, you can frame multiple subjects at different distances from the camera and you can select the subject after taking the picture. Fascinating stuff. GoPro Hero 2 HD is so small that you would judge the quality but Man! It takes mind blowing video. It's great with timelapse too. For me the most useful feature is that I can fix it at any location and get 170 degrees viewing angle in HD. It can shoot incredible video in low light too. 

That's from the key learnings and developments. 

The coming year, I really want to reduce the post-processing time without reducing the quality but improve it in the process. Some of you who know me know that I don't accept more than 2 assignments a month but still I'm super busy editing all the time, hardly getting out of the studio except for an assignment. Need to find that Work-Life balance still. This will be my primary objective. 

Here is a grid of all of the weddings that we have shot in the last year. Love them all! :D

I'm already looking forward to this year, have so many interesting assignments lined up and can't wait to try out a few things. 

I want to end this second anniversary post by thanking all of you. Thanks to the team – Rampulla Reddy, Meghna, Raghunandan and Shwetha. Thanks to all the clients/friends and fans of CuspConcepts, without you it would just be an idea and that's all. 

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  • Dhania

    Congrats Phalgun! Kudos to your energy and passion for what you do. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • admin

      Thank You Dhania. Means a lot! :D 

      – Phalgun

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