65. Nikita and Pavan

65. Nikita and Pavan

They met 10 years back, they were classmates and best friends. Best friends until one of them realised that they have met their soulmate. Nikita and Pavan decided to take the plunge a couple of years back. And trust me they are so made for each other. 

It was lovely to see both of them bringing out the best in each other on their wedding day. Nikita and Pavan knew that they had all the support that they ever needed from the their close friends and family because they were always around them. 

We were surrounded with smiling faces, well that's because Pavan's sense of humor is fantastic and very spontaneous. I laugh even now just thinking about some of the jokes. 

The setting was simple and beautiful. They had booked the Gazebo and the lawns at Evoma Business Hotel near KR Puram's hanging bridge. 

The weather was a bit tricky, we were worried that it would pour but luckily it was just a little drizzle here and there, which actually made the setting even more romantic. 

It was a Kannadiga – Marathi wedding. The team consisted of Meghna as the second shooter, me and Ram on the video. 

Here are some pictures of the venue.

While I was capturing Pavan's Kasi Yatra, Meghna was taking some getting ready shots. Love these!

It's a Madhva Brahmin tradition to hang those yellow Kodibelle shaped things on the ears and make the groom jump to release them. Its a lot of fun! :D

It was time for both of them to stand opposite each other for the Jeerge Bella ritual. This would be the first time they would be looking at each other that day. 

Who won this competition? You can decide for yourselves. :D

This was fun. They started pouring rice and coloured balls/bubbles on each other and suddenly the competition changed to blowing the bubbles at each other. :D

The time had finally arrived. Have you heard of the phrase "A picture speaks a thousand words"  :) 

"Tada! Finally it's done… she's all mine!" Picture :)

Love this picture. The reason they are laughing is because Pavan was like "Ba, Matinee show noddakke hogona!" LOL

During the LajaHoma, as you already know the bride's brother puts the puffed rice in her hand which she offers to the fire. Well, when the pandit asked the brother to join his sister in the ritual, he went and stood behind Pavan and the next thing we see is he hugged Pavan from the back while Pavan was holding Nikita as you see in the picture on the left. It was really funny. LOL Sorry dude, don't kill me! :D

Pavan was extremely gentle while putting the toe ring and the Sapthapadi. 

Beautiful picture! Pavan showing Nikita the Arundathi star. Actually, it could be vice-versa. :P

Myraid of emotions! Well, Nikita found the ring first! 

The same venue morphed into an entirely different setting that evening for the Reception. 

Nikita was dressed up in the most traditional attire. 

Pavan looked truely like a prince in a very elegant Sherwani.

Here is the last picture from the shoot of the wonderful couple.

Nikita and Pavan, we had a fantastic time capturing your wedding.

You guys make such a lovely couple. 

Congratulations and wish you the Best! 

Hope you like the pictures. :D

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  • tejaswi

    congrats dude….

  • Pooja

    Beautiful :) Congratulations n wish u both a very happy married life

  • yashu

    Congrats Nikita.. :) Happy Married Life..


    Congratulations Nikita ! Have a happy and blissful married life.

  • Dhiraj Ingle

    Congratulation Didi…
    Looking so gorgeous…
    And what to say about Jiju?? He is a very handsome…
    My best wishes are with you…

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