66. Raksha and Pavan

66. Raksha and Pavan

Raksha and Pavan have so many things in common. They are very calm and composed all the time. But the heights of coincidence is that both of their mothers were born on the same date! And both of their sisters are older than them by exactly 5 years. And the grooms from both the weddings this month had the same name "Pavan". Very interesting!

Raksha and Pavan were introduced to each other like any other arranged marriage logistics go but once they got engaged, both of them got to spend more time to get to know each other in the US, where both of them currently reside.  

Pavan's witty jokes and Raksha's ability to smile all the time, just made it a delight to shoot their wedding. The wedding was a mixture of a Kannadiga Brahmin and Iyer style. This time it was just Meghna and me capturing the wedding. 

The wedding was in Nandagokula Sabhagana in Girinagar. For some reason, I felt the hall was nice and airy. 

The food was fantastic, they had hired Adigas as the caterers. 

We had to fight our way through with the other photographers. Their strobe lights would fire every time it sensed a flash light. So we started getting super over-exposed images, anyway I figured out a way to use their strobes to our advantage. Buhahaha!

Here is a fantastic picture taken by Meghna.

I was just thinking, this is probably the only time your in-laws touch your feet. Suddenly, KasiYatra has taken a special place in all the weddings for me :) 

Pavan having fun during the Kasi Yatra. 

I'd already shared this picture on the FB page but I want to share it here once again. 

This picture was shot on a camera which takes 2 pictures every second and the best part is you have the benefit of 170 degrees viewing angle. Also, it is always unmanned. GoPro HD Hero 2 rocks! I will share more pictures soon.

Like the way the coconut is shattered and water splashing everywhere in the picture below. 

They were surrounded by all young and old, new and experienced Oonjal performers. I think they enjoyed it every bit, though Pavan's side of the family were new to this. 

I bet Jeerge Bella was new for Raksha's side of the family. :)

They really had fun pouring rice on each other.

And then Raksha's relatives 'up the ante' a little bit, quite literally. :)

Always fascinated with this ritual called "Kankana Dhaare"

And then it was time to make the bond official. See what I meant by Raksha smiling all the time. :D

The fire/flames/homa looked beautiful when shot at a slow shutter. One of the reasons why I love Photography is because the cameras can show you a world which is impossible to see normally. 

Before Raksha changed into another saree for the remaining part of the wedding, I got to take a picture of them together. 

It's always a lot of fun to capture these moments…

Pavan was being a Gentleman by letting her win all the time. 

I loved this image. What Raksha did was so spontaneous! 

The other wedding photographer asked her to hold Pavan's garland and pose (you know, that typical pose) and Raksha held it like she was strangling him. Brilliant! :D

Raksha and Pavan, you are just so perfect for each other! 

Congratulations and wish you the best in life.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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