67. Varsha and Abhi

67. Varsha and Abhi

Every now and then we come across some interesting love stories. Love stories which are a success because of that one key connection. This time, this girl with the most positive aura was looking for someone who loved pets as much as she did. Actually, Varsha's dad is right, she is not just in love with pets but obssessed with them. This passion of hers helped her to get a job with PetStepin'. She is equally loved by people as much as by the pets. I thought she had the most awesome job in the world, she gets to be with the most faithful, friendly and hyper active animals who just know to give loads of unconditional love. (sniff)   

She stumbled upon this one contact who was a senior in school. Abhi had preserved a ring which he would only give to the love of his life. Well, here is where it gets more interesting. He was mighty smitten by Varsha. The day he proposed and gave her the ring, it didn't fit, so after a lot of trial and error and amazing commitment they finally found the right ring, which she totally adores and keeps it close to her heart.

They know each other for just around a year but are crazy in love!

Varsha is one of the three 'crazies' (that's what her friends call them), actually two of them some of you are already familiar with. All the three of them, Natasha, Prachi and Varsha are so unique in their own way and I love that. All that I knew was that these 'crazies' are the most sweetest friends one could ever have.

Here is a picture of the glowing bride-to-be with her elder sister Vibha just before the Naandi function. 

This is such a lovely ritual where the daughter's hands is sandwiched between her parents'.

Abhilash aka Abhi was there towards the end and the whole place just got a lot more brighter. 

Took this picture of the three 'crazies'/brides/friends/clients when Varsha was getting her Mehendi done. The Mehendi guys were super fast!

Whoa! How could I forget to introduce Misha and Apple. I have played with pets all my life but never seen something like this before. Adorable dogs. Actually I wanted to run away with them. :) 

The next day we all met at Tamarind Tree for Sangeeth. The place has hundreds of antiques.

Varsha just came back from MAC make-up studio and was looking STUNNING!

I love this picture, something about the flowing dress..

This is how beautiful this place looks, you really dont have to work hard to decorate it.

There were speeches, performances and chit picking. The first chit said that the couple have to dance together. Just love the expressions here. 

Abhi showing off his moves!

The electric ambience!

Tamarind Tree has looked different everytime I've visited. 

The attention to detail was outstanding. Wonder who gets the credit. 

Presenting to you, the gorgeous bride…and a photographer's delight!

Had a split second to get this picture with Abhi's sister and mom. 

Abhi was showered with blessings and bracing for impact :)

Aah. The Jeerge Bella. The anticipation, anxiety and excitement to catch the first glimpse of each other.

Emotions galore..

Moments before the holy knot was tied.

Yup, it's now official. Atleast according to the Hindu Marriage Law.

Some fun shots of the Akki Dhaare. 

Ahem. So, aren't you supposed to be looking at the Arundathi Star?! :P

The wedding wouldn't be complete without Varsha formally introducing her husband to Misha and Apple. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. Notice their garlands around the dogs. :D

That evening, Abhi's family had organised a Reception party at The Capitol. 

Ain't that cake yummilicous! All the three tiers were made of cake!!!

So there was cake cutting, champagne clinking, toasting and a lot of floor thumping music.  

Want to end this post with my favorite picture.

Varsha and Abhi, we had a fantastic time documenting your wedding. 

I think this is the most memorable wedding that I've ever shot. A lot of love to Misha and Apple. 

Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed working on it. :)

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  • Venus Menon

    Excellent pics and an extremely beautiful looking bride! Vibha and Kamalini too!! God bless the couple! :)

  • Abhi

    Lovely pics guys … great job …Also I wish Varsha & Abhi a happy married life … :-)



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