Clueless or Bridezilla

Clueless or Bridezilla

The Big Day’s Big Plan! (A Guest Blog)

More often than not, even before you are of marriageable age and you meet your prince charming, the sets for your own fairy tale are already work-in-progress and by the time you reach the “big day” you will most likely be as confused as ever about what makes The Day perfect; and that’s probably what led you to reading this blog.

Putting things plain and simple, it is impossible to prepare a generalized plan for everyone’s big day and if you do ever stumble upon such a plan, please do not follow it. Make your own plan! So why continue reading this blog? There are a couple of tips and bits that I picked up on the way while planning my Big Day and I thought maybe it’s worth a share.

The first things that come to your mind when you think of your wedding is ofcourse the clothes, jewellery, make up, hair and shoes. While these are usually included in the general wedding plan, it is not the focus of this blog. We are going to talk about everything else, but that.

I had about one year to plan my wedding but given the fact that I wasn’t in the country for most parts of the year, I got about 3 months to do the real ground work. So putting it realistically, you can plan your wedding just by doing some extensive online research and once you know what you want, 70% of your job done. Obsession with detail makes a perfect perfectionist!

There are some people who just know what they want! Well, that’s quite a comfortable position to be in. But what if you don’t know what you want?

… That’s where this blog begins.

The easiest way is to start off with the short-listing method. You either drop a particular option by way of practicality, constraints, etc or by way of absolute dislike to a particular thing. It could be from someone else’s wedding that you’ve been to, a movie, a book, the Internet or even a general discussion that you’ve had with your family or friends. This short-listing helps narrow down choices in numerous areas including venue, clothes, jewellery, décor, food, gifts, packaging of gifts, invites, etc. Once you know what you don’t want, putting together what you want makes things a lot easier.

First things first, it is very very important to finalise your venue and list out all the events that make up the entire wedding and sort them on a priority basis. Whichever venue you pick, understand that you can always do up a place the way you want it. Once this is done, you’ve got the foundation for your Big Day in place. An interplay of elementary things that matter to you makes your wedding a very special and personalized one. For example, you find a couple of wedding invites that interest you from among the zillion options available online. Mix and match them the way you like, add a touch of your favourite colour, your favourite shape and voila! your invites are ready, just the way you want them. It is really easy and not prohibitively expensive to get a printer to print you an uncommon card. However, if you are on the lookout for a designer, I recommend that you get a friend or someone who knows you personally and understands what you want to design the card for you. There is definitely that additional personal touch that goes into the designing.

The easiest way to carry a theme into the wedding is to start with the invitation designs and colours and carry the same theme into the wedding. It could be based on the colours that have been used in the invite, a motif, an acronym of the bride and groom’s name or a symbol representing the place where the couple met or what they have in common, a motif resembling the type of wedding it is, etc. Whatever you pick, what makes the difference is how you incorporate it into the general scheme of things. Simpler the motif is, more elegant it looks and easier it is to incorporate it.

Wedding planners are soon becoming the most necessary person in a wedding after the couple themselves. Well, in my opinion, it is neither absolutely necessary to have a planner nor is it a wasteful expense to have one. I feel the right balance is to plan the wedding the way you want it, put together the team of vendor that you want depending on your matching wave length and when it actually comes to the groundwork of implementing the plan, the planner plays a very useful role. This is exactly what I did. It gives you the satisfaction of having the wedding the way you want and the breathing space on the day of the wedding to enjoy everything that you have planned.

Once the conceptualization has been done, the next thing to do is list out the things that you would want to personalize. Our list included pre-wedding family gifts, gift bags, sangeet giveaways, wedding giveaways, thank-you letters, etc. Since we both were lawyers, we even brought in a scene from the legal world in our scheme of things. The colours from our invites were coordinated with the stage décor, the flowers we used and the mélange of flowers and drapes. The icing on the cake is the lighting. Whatever attention you may give to detail, it will all go unnoticed if the right type of lights and highlights are not used. Lights are very … very important!

A well-planned and coordinated wedding doesn’t mean that you’ve burnt a deep hole in your pocket. All it needs is attention to small detail and a bit of exploration and extensive research to get what you want.

After all the effort that goes in, it is the memories of the hard work in the form of photos that you keep and cherish for a lifetime. It is totally worth going that extra mile to get a good photographer!

The last but the MOST important thing is on the Big Day when your Big Plan is in place, even if the Big Plan falls a little short of maybe what you dreamt, it will still be perfect is you just pause a moment, take everything in, smile and experience every minute of your day. After all, its just ONE Big Day.


Author: Goda Anirudh Raghavan. She is an extremely creative person and a lawyer. For any queries you can drop an email to [email protected]


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