68. Shruthi and Sanjay

68. Shruthi and Sanjay

Shruthi liked the confident and honest demeanor that Sanjay carried with him. Who would've thought that she would meet her dream guy through the most unusual circumstances.

Shruthi and Sanjay were so convinced that they were right for each other that they were ready to stand for each other all the way. You'd notice this bond in the pictures too.

Both of them are very sweet. I got to spend sometime with both of them and enjoyed shooting their wedding. 

This time it was Meghna as the second shooter and me. 

The wedding venue that both of them chose was Silent Shores Spa and Resort in Mysore. Amazing place. The weather turned out to be just fantastic for this outdoor setting considering the fact that Hurricane Nilam was scooping around. This was the view from his room.

It was their Reception that evening. The entire decoration was designed and executed by both of them. Obviously everybody who came to the venue were left in awe. 

Wonderful pictures of Shruthi. She was glowing that day. 

I was with Sanjay and really liked the way he finds solutions for everything. Both of their costumes were designed by a wedding boutique called La'kiru (by Lakshmi Keerthi).  You'll see why it's so special later on in the post.

Both Shruthi and Sanjay welcomed all of their friends and guests with a big bright smile. 

See if you can spot their names written in the squiggles on their costumes. Even the wedding date is inscribed in it. Amazing stuff.

Here is a candid picture of both of them admiring their creativity. 

I had to get a picture of them with the fancy pathway..

We were looking forward to the next day, just to see what they had planned for the wedding. Well, it was fantastic. The Mandap was right in the middle and the lit by natural light from all sides. 

And the rituals took off starting with the Kasi Yatra.

During the Kasi Yatra, Shruthi's mom was sharing some last minute instructions with Sanjay.  

The procession/pada-yatra from the entrance to the Mandap. Love the play of light and shadow in this picture.  

The beautiful bride… just look at her. All set to witness the most amazing day in her life.

The antharapata could hardly cover Sanjay during the Jeerge Bella ritual. 

This has to be the most hilarious Jeerge Bella pictures we have clicked till date. 

Let me tell you what happened. As usual, the excitement was present on both sides but who would've thought that when the antharapata's lowered that the bride would shove the Jeerge Bella right into the groom's mouth. Yup! Shruthi managed to feed Sanjay Jeerge Bella. Well, the reason why they have Jeerge Bella is because Jeerge is very bitter and Bella is super sweet, I guess Shruthi wanted Sanjay to taste how bitter-sweet the life ahead is going to be. :P

And it was time to tie the thali to unleash a myraid of emotions. 

This picture speaks a thousand words. Liked the way she held his hand tightly throughout the wedding. 

There was not one moment during the wedding when they didn't smile. They seemed to have enjoyed every bit of it.

Sanjay was very gentle and careful while putting the toe-rings and helped her take the seven steps. 

Had to lie on the floor for this picture, thought it would be apt for this ritual of showing the Arundathi nakshatra. Pointing at the sky.

It is very important for a photographer to build a raport and trust with the subjects to get the most natural expressions in the pictures. 

I just love these pictures. Yes yes, Shruthi he isnt going anywhere. :)

Shruthi and Sanjay, it was a pleasure shooting your wedding.

Congratulations and Wish you the best in life! :)

Hope you like the pictures. 

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  • Puneetha

    Wish you both very happy life again. Snaps have come realy greate shruthi :) Enjoy life.

  • Shobitha

    loved the pics..

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