71. Smita and Jai

71. Smita and Jai

It’s amazing how we get such a wide range of weddings to shoot. This time it was a Big Fat Indian Wedding. :)

The first thing that comes to mind when you land in a new place is that you hope there is some one you know who would help to make the place more familiar.  Sometimes it could be someone really close or someone you’d have met a longtime through a common friend. And if the cupid likes you then he’d help you convert even the simplest of gestures into a romantic one. Yup, this is how Smita and Jai met and that’s how their love story blossomed. Imagine the set and backdrop to be New York, that’s all. :)

Jai is an extremely friendly guy, no wonder all of his firang friends accompanied him all the way to India for his wedding. Smita is equally fun and I have to say she has the best dance moves. Both of their families made sure they planned out an event that would be a one of a kind experience for everybody esp. their friends.

The Mehendi and the Sangeeth was in Woodrose Club which belongs to Brigade Millenium in JP Nagar.

A lot of attention was given to detail.

Smita and Jai Mehendi 1

Here’s introducing to you Smita and Jai…

Smita and Jai Mehendi 2

Do they love to dance or do they love to dance…

Smita and Jai Mehendi 4

The largest population of friends I’ve ever seen at a wedding, actually the largest population of firangs in a wedding. :)

Fun bunch.

Smita and Jai Mehendi 5

Next day, the Sangeeth was in the evening. This time it was setup outdoor.

After seeing the energy levels we were looking forward to the Sangeeth and Man! the experience was one of a kind.

Smita and Jai Sangeeth 1

They had hired Oxygen Dance Company to take the experience to the next level.

Smita and Jai Sangeeth 2

Both of them thanked their friends and family.

Smita and Jai Sangeeth 3

This was awesome. The Oxygen Dance Company conducted a 10min Dandiya Workshop. Their friends loved it.

Smita and Jai Sangeeth 4

And there was a belly dance workshop. Guess who was the volunteer? :D

Smita and Jai Sangeeth 5

And the DJ took over the dance floor.

I love to capture the motion and the colors by shooting it in slow shutter.

Smita and Jai Sangeeth 6

Sangeeth was a lot of fun and had very sexy groovy music.

Just before the wedding I found Jai all dressed up in traditional wear. All set for his Mappillai.

Smita and Jai Wedding 1

The bride’s side had arranged for a very grand procession to escort the groom from Woodrose Club to the MLR Convention hall where the wedding was going to happen.

Smita and Jai Wedding 2

The bride’s side had lined themselves eagerly waiting to welcome the groom.

Smita and Jai Wedding 3

There were so many people all around but Jai seemed to be very chilled out and participated in everything very sportively.

Smita and Jai Wedding 4

Smita was looking beautiful in her wedding attire. She was waiting to enter the hall to kick start the rituals.

Smita and Jai Wedding 5 Smita and Jai Wedding 6 Smita and Jai Wedding 7

There was one ritual where the pandit asked them to touch their eyes, ears, nose, etc. I had fun capturing each one them doing it. :)

Smita and Jai Wedding 8

I’m skipping a few rituals to make this post a little short. Here is a picture of them offering the puffed rice to the fire (Laja Homa).

You can see the parents, Smita’s brother Sandeep and the Pandit from Arya Samaj Mrs Swatantra Lata Mishra. She is really a legend, must’ve conducted thousands of weddings by now. The best part is she explains the meaning for each of the rituals in English.

Smita and Jai Wedding 9

The pandit, though very strict, would crack some witty jokes once in a while.

Smita and Jai Wedding 10

And then the grand moment arrives…

Smita and Jai Wedding 11

What a lovely couple. They look so happy and comfortable with each other.

There were 2 spot lights focused on them, it gives a very interesting effect. Or is it the Newly Married Glow. :P

Smita and Jai Wedding 12

After the wedding, everybody witnessed yet another spectacular performance by the Oxygen Dance Company.

The theme was wives of the three major Indian gods – Parvati, Saraswati and Lakshmi. I bet everybody had goosebumps at the end of it.

Smita and Jai Wedding 13

The last event was a formal yet casual Reception Party. Don’t they look great!

Smita and Jai Wedding 14

This is what I was referring to when I mentioned about Smita and her ‘Please clear the floor for me’ dance moves.

Smita and Jai Wedding 15

The Reception Party ended with a lovely toast from her father. He was remembering how adorable a daughter he has and how lucky he is that she found Jai. You know what, ‘Toast to that’ and Congratulations to the both of you!

Smita and Jai Wedding 16

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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