74. Deepa and Kiran

74. Deepa and Kiran

This was the second wedding in Pai Vista Convention Hall near Jayanagar SouthEnd in a span of 2 weeks, but this wedding was unique, it was a fusion of both Mangalorean and Malayalee traditions.

Deepa and Kiran knew each other for quite sometime. But when Kiran took the effort of finding the best ring for her, researched online to find out which is the best place inside the cake to hide a ring (apparently it’s underneath the cherry) and after Deepa chose to cut the cake exactly in the place between the two cherries on the cake, Kiran realised that Deepa was not an average girl. After that they say the rest was history.

It was a lot of fun meeting these guys to discuss the agenda of the wedding and I immediately knew that we would have a lot of fun documenting it. They were former MindTree Minds too. :)

Deepa and Kiran’s is a true love story right out of a book. Deepa is Mangalorean and Kiran is Mal. It was interesting to see both the families come together and enthusiastically participate in all the rituals. For Kiran’s side of the family, it was obviously a very different experience since Mal weddings get over in max. 5-10 minutes, nevertheless they seemed excited.

Their family was very friendly. The pandit/bhat was very accommodating as well.

This was the first time that we were shooting a wedding on the second floor of Pai Vista. I’d heard that there were a lot of windows near the mandap area for natural light to stream through. Honestly, its a very good hall.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 1

Meghna was the perfect choice for taking these pictures of the beautiful bride.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 2

The mehendi picture. How could we miss the expression on her face. Doesn’t she look excited to get married!

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 3

I was with Deepa’s side of the family who were receiving the groom and his family.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 4

The first time we met, Deepa and Kiran had told me that Kiran was super camera shy. But I thought he was awesome in front of the camera.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 5

He looked very sharp in his fancy sherwani and doesn’t he look pretty relaxed ….

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 6

The Mangalorean side of rituals started in full steam.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 7

This is such a fun ritual. Chakki -Peesing… I liked the slow-shutter shot at the bottom right that Meghna took.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 8

Kiran all set for his KasiYatra.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 9

Right after the KasiYatra, the bride was carried by her brothers to the stage. As I’d mentioned before, the two perspectives you get when you have two photographers.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 10

The Antharapatta was held in the middle. Notice how shy they were in the beginning of the wedding.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 11

Checkout Deepa’s fancy hair-do. One of the best we have seen.

And then they opened up, they would not stop looking at each other.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 12

I thought it would be interesting to get a Groom’s Point-of-view.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 13

During the Kanya-dhanam, I guess both of them were in their own world. Probably thinking “This is it – My love (or Dude)”.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 14

They were blessed very generously (*generously because we know, we are always in the trajectory of the akshathe) by everybody when they tied the thali.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 15

This is a unique ritual in Mangalorean weddings. During the Laja-homa, not just her own brother but all her brothers participate in it. Honestly, isn’t it a bit intimidating for the groom (conveying the message – don’t mess with our sister). :P

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 16

Another unique way of carrying out the Sapthapadi ritual. The groom stands opposite the bride and pulls her by the hand towards him.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 17

Love this snap. She takes blessings from her husband for the first time. Like the smiles on the parents’ faces.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 18

They had this very cool thing where the guests who know both of them really well could leave a note for them which was tied to a string.

Deepa and Kiran Extra Page 1

The wedding ended with a very Mal tradition, where the bride is handed over a lamp by her mother which she would later take to her new house.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 20

She entered Kiran’s house and placed that lamp in the prayer-area. Very interesting gesture.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 21

I managed to get this shot of the every-so-lovely newly wedded couple. :)

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 22

The Reception was that evening, Kiran looked great and Deepa looked gorgeous! Notice the RED tie. Nahice!

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 23

I have to introduce Kiran’s brother, who was the most eligible bachelor in that entire hall that day. His name is ‘Arun’. (I’d promised you that I’d embarrass you buddy :P)

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 24

After the Reception I tried very hard to keep all her best friends at a distance from her because I’d been waiting to get a picture of them together but one of her BFFs got through and the instant she hugged her Deepa was balling in tears. Poor thing, big day for her.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 25

Look at them. They make such a wonderful couple. So comfortable with each other.

Deepa and Kiran Blog Page 26

Deepa and Kiran. Hope you have a fantastic life together. Wish you all the best!

Have an awesome time in Maldives.

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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  • Sangeetha Govindaiah

    Deepa…U r looking gorgeous dear :-) Happy married life to both of you :-)Always keep smiling with Kiran and both families :-)Great pics..

  • Sant


  • Swetha Sridharan

    Deepa and Kiran,

    Congratulations!!! Here’s wishing the both of you a blissful life together:)

  • Sanjay Pingal

    Beautiful wedding and congratulations to newly wed couple!

  • Rachael Swetha

    Hi Deepa, congrats on your wedding. This is Helen’s sister.

    Rachael Swetha

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