75. Priya and Madhav

75. Priya and Madhav

We have shot so many ‘love stories’ but this one was one of a kind. Priya’s version of how Madhav proposed to her is the most grossest story ever (I shall not share it since a wide variety of readers read this blog regularly) while Madhav’s version is like a snippet out of a super romantic novel.

Priya and Madhav are so in love with each other that it doesn’t matter if 10 cameras were pointed at them, they’d just carry on doing their cute mushy romantic things.

They are both extremely adorable. Priya’s antics, the first thing you’ll notice when you meet her, I bet she is super fun to hang out with.

The wedding was at Woodrose Club which is a part of Brigade Millennium in JP Nagar. The wedding was setup on the open lawn in Woodrose Club. You’ll see how beautiful the setting was as you scroll down.

They are both Tam-Brahms but chose to get married in the Arya Samaj way. As some of you already know, We love Arya Samaj weddings!

Meghna was with Priya to get some getting ready shots. As usual she is an expert at it, she doubles up as a photographer and a make-up artist at times.

Look at the pretty bride.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 1

The details showed their TamBrahm roots.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 2

Introducing to you Priya and Madhav. They are in Louve man!

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 3

The wedding was super entertaining.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 4

Kanya dhanam…

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 5

O-ho… killer looks I say!

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 6

This is just to give you an idea of the setting. It was very beautiful. (*except for the suicidal pool to kill anybody who came too close to the couple, I was very cognizant of it)

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 7

Just love this. These are the two perspectives you get when you have two photographers with two different camera configs and thought processes.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 8

In an Arya Samaj wedding, you walk around the fire before and after tying the thali.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 9

Love this picture too. Right out of a Film script!
Priya and Madhav Blog Page 10

Tried to capture Priya’s expressions through the thali chain just before it was tied.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 11

There were claps, whistles and wooohooo-s!

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 12

This is such a cute ritual in south indian weddings, where the groom has to touch the cheeks of his bride.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 13

There you go. This is what I was talking about, Priya’s antics while exchanging rings. :P

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 14

It is such a pleasure to shoot a wedding in an outdoor setting. The weather too was amazing that day.

Here is a picture of them offering the Laja to the Homa.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 15

The Pandith’s quotes were really hilarious. If you got the double meaning of each.

During the Sapthapadi, Pandith said something like ‘In Life, you should always think about Quality not Quantity” and the people who got the double meaning of it just burst out laughing.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 16

The crowd went berserk … :P

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 17

I liked the way the Pandith asked them to point at the Sun first and then asked them to close their eyes to imagine the sun in their ‘mind’s eye’. I’ve never heard anybody say this till date. Most of the time the brides and grooms are squinting trying to look at the mid-day’s bright sun.

Here is a picture of Priya and Madhav pointing a finger at a Mango tree … oops sorry the Pole Star.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 18

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take another picture like this… :D

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 19

Asked for a formal picture and this is what I get.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 20

If I told them they looked too formal, this is what they do. :)

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 21

The most amazing thing about this wedding was it started early and got over early. By 11.00am the place was empty.

I couldn’t wait to see what they had planned out for the ‘Cocktail Party’ in the evening.

Well, I loved the way the character of the whole place was changed.

There was this one table, far from all the others which looked special.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 22

Loved the way they had used all forms of lights. Beautiful.

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 23

Voila! The good looking bride and groom. Stunning right!

Priya and Madhav Blog Page 24

What’s a party without dancing….

Priya and Madhav Extra Page 1

A perfect end to a perfect day.

Priya and Madhav. Congratulations! Wish you all the best!

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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  • Rachael Swetha

    Hi Phalgun, these pictures are great & t couple are super cool.. Love their sync in clothes for the wedding, makes the pictures look so good.. Now I kind of what to know their proposal.:-)

  • Parvez Merchant

    Great pictures & really loved the comments. Madhav & Priya, apologies for not being able to make it for your wedding. Really missed out on this wonderful & special day in your life. Rama & Srini, you both are blessed.

    Parvez & Farzeen.

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