78. Shruthi and Chiranth

78. Shruthi and Chiranth

When Chiranth got in touch with me and mentioned that his Engagement was in Ganjam on Bull Temple Road, I had to say yes. Love Ganjam.

Shruthi and Chiranth have known each other for a long time. And it wasn’t too long until their families met and realized that they were perfect for each other.

The whole decoration was like an explosion of colours. I’m so glad that they considered my input of including LED lights, it just adds that extra depth to the pictures.

The team consisted of me, Meghna as the second shooter, Akshay and Ram on the video. We have so much footage from this assignment, while I was going through all of it, felt so happy to see such creativity.

The entrance to the hall looked so beautiful.

Shruthi and Chiranth 4

The decoration just added an extra dimension while photographing the place.

Shruthi and Chiranth 5

Managed to get a few pictures of the good looking couple before the ceremony started.

Shruthi and Chiranth 6

Can it get more traditional than this…. Great choice of clothing. (Well, Chiranth is a graduate in Fashion Management so that explains the amazing attire you’ll see in this blog)

Shruthi and Chiranth 7

Meghna got some beautiful getting ready shots.

Shruthi and Chiranth 1

Doesn’t she look stunning.

Shruthi and Chiranth 2

Chiranth was looking sharp as well. Liked the texture and pattern on the navy blue.

Shruthi and Chiranth 3

Both of them had thought of a few details like this one candle which was lit to show their respect to all the loved ones they have lost. Also, there were boxes of chocolates in different places around the hall for people to pick one and go. Thought it was a very interesting gesture.

Shruthi and Chiranth 8

As part of the things that were to be given by Shruthi’s family to Chiranth, we found a very interesting item amongst all of it. Shruthi’s portrait. Can anybody sense the love in the air? :)

Shruthi and Chiranth 9

Let’s skip to the main part of the ceremony, they exchanged rings very gracefully and there were a lot of Wooohoooo’s, whistles and claps.

Shruthi and Chiranth 10

And then as the Telugu tradition goes, there was a rice throwing competition. Love the picture on the left that Meghna took, goes brilliantly with this picture I’d taken. The benefit of two photographers with two different perspectives.

Shruthi and Chiranth 11

No, those are not pillows as part of the decor, that was a cake with a very Royal feel to it.

Shruthi and Chiranth 12

Look at those rings… couldn’t help but notice the fancy mehendi on Shruthi’s hand.

Shruthi and Chiranth 13

Congratulations Shruthi and Chiranth. Both of you look really good and are just perfect for each other.

Shruthi and Chiranth 14

Ah, the fun bunch. Had to take a picture like this with the frame that they had got custom made for their engagement.

Shruthi and Chiranth 15

Wish you all the best in life.

It was a pleasure documenting your Engagement Ceremony.

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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