77. Snehal and Sripad

77. Snehal and Sripad

It’s a known fact that every girl spends hours thinking about the man she is going to marry and probably more no. of hours planning her wedding.

This love story is between two best friends who crossed that thin line and fell in love. They have traveled all over the world and somehow they found each other. Many years of long distance relationship finally culminated in a one of a kind wedding in Bangalore. Meet Snehal and Sripad.

Snehal works for Non-profit organisation in Bangalore and Sripad is a Veterinary Doctor. Some of you know that I love pets (hence the hobby- Pet photography, check out DroolWorthy Pet Photography on Facebook)

Both of them are such a fun couple. We had a fantastic time documenting all the events of their Big Fat Indian Wedding.

The Wedding and the Cocktail Party was at MovenPick Hotel near BEL Circle in Bangalore. I’d been there before a couple of times but never imagined that a place like this can be changed into a traditional venue for a Hindu Wedding. Well, thanks to the amazingly creative team at KraftedKnots. It is such a pleasure working with you.

Some of the costumes were designed by La’kiru (Lakshmi Keerthi).

This time we had a new second shooter as part of our team, his name is Akshay. He has a great eye for detail and has amazing composition skills. It was great working with him and hope to have him at more weddings in the future. Like every assignment, we had photo opportunities that lasted few milliseconds and had to be very attentive.

Thanks to Snehal’s and Sripad’s family for cooperating with us at every event. It was a pleasure meeting all of you.

Here are some pictures of Snehal’s wedding attire. She looked gorgeous in every angle.

Snehal and Sripad Getting Ready 2Snehal and Sripad Getting Ready 3

Ready to throw anyone off their feet…

Snehal and Sripad Getting Ready

The setting for the wedding was very modern with a lot of traditional elements. There were roses and bells hanging at places and drapes which added that class to the entire setup. The pathway to the mandap was covered with flowers and petals. And to top it all the wedding was in the evening during the ‘Golden Hour’ for photographers.

Snehal and Sripad Mandap Setting 2

Here are some of the details shots taken by Akshay. Beautiful.

Snehal and Sripad Mandap Setting

The parents were waiting at the Mandap while Snehal and Sripad walked down the aisle with either of their brothers.

Snehal and Sripad 1

Love this picture…

Snehal and Sripad 2

Snehal’s parents conducting the rituals which lead up to the main event.

Snehal and Sripad 3

Look at how happy she looks. Snehal just after Sripad tied the knot.

Snehal and Sripad 4

Throughout the wedding, Sripad would whisper something into Snehal’s ears and we could see both of them laugh out loud by themselves. That’s the sort of chemistry we love to shoot at CuspConcepts.

Snehal and Sripad 5

Just admire the setting.

Snehal and Sripad 6

And then they exchanged the rings.

Snehal and Sripad 7

Was lucky to have a moment with both of them to get this picture.

Snehal and Sripad 8

They were ecstatic that Snehal and Sripad are actually married now.

Snehal and Sripad 9

The Cocktail Party was the next day at the Sky Bar in MovenPick. Again, was a bit speechless after seeing how KraftedKnots transformed the place.

Beautiful hues.

Was really very mesmerizing.

Snehal and Sripad Coctail Party 1

Both of them looked stunning. They have spent a lot of time in Africa so I asked them what’s the word for smile or to look happy in Swahili, the word is ‘Cheka’! So I used it a lot while taking pictures that day. :)

Snehal and Sripad Coctail Party 2

It was great to see such amazing friendship. Their friends recalled stories and fond memories. Some of the speeches were really funny and some were extremely emotional.

Snehal and Sripad Coctail Party 3

And it was time to PART-EY!

Snehal and Sripad Coctail Party 4

Snehal and Sripad. Congratulations and wish you the best in life wherever you are!

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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  • seshadri

    wishing my friend Mohana !s son SRIPAD & dauhter-in-law SNEHAL very happy& bright future

  • Chandra Raj

    Blessings and Nest Wishes to Snehal and Sripad.Lovely pic’s .

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