82. Manju and Nithya

82. Manju and Nithya

Manju and Nithya are college sweethearts. They have known each other for around 8 years. They were the only couple who stuck on even after they graduated from college and actually decided to get married to each other.

Both of them have 100s of friends. You can make out how popular they are among their friends by seeing the sheer love they got that day.

Their friends decided to gift them a photography package. Ain’t that an awesome gift! :)

The package included a casual shoot and then document the whole event in the evening.

It was a ‘Sun-down Cocktail Party’.

I have no words to express the beauty of the venue.

This place is called ‘Elements‘, a luxurious outdoor venue on Kanakapura Road. It’s owned by Sunitha and Bharath. This place is relatively new. Very scenic, nestled far away from the city and has ample greenery. To this if you add two people who are so passionate about what they are doing, who would go to any length to make the event a great success, you can guess how awesome that evening party was.

Here are some pictures capturing the details of the venue.

Manju and Nithya 1

While I was capturing the beauty of the place, the couple entered the scene. Their friend explained to them that there was a casual photo shoot next on the agenda, they were pleasantly surprised. I introduced myself to them and gave them a rough overview of what I wanted to do and I was so happy to see that they were pretty excited. :)

Meet Manju and Nithya. Such a wonderful fun couple.

Manju and Nithya 2

Manju was looking stunning! The light was just beautiful. And I was one happy photographer. :D

Manju and Nithya 3

We moved from place to place finding good light. She glowed all the time.

Manju and Nithya 4

I had to take a picture in the gazebo which had white curtains flying around.

Manju and Nithya 5

I told them to ignore me and as soon as they had their own space, they would hold hands, talk to each other and laugh. What else does a photographer want. :)

Manju and Nithya 6

Sunitha and Bharath let me use the private villa just to get some pictures. This villa has a private pool around it. So cool right.

I love this picture.

Manju and Nithya 7

The sun had just set and it was time to ‘Part-eyyy!’ :D

This is the last picture that I can share from that evening, everything else is not for everybody’s eyes. ;)

Manju and Nithya 8

Manju and Nithya, Congratulations!

Have a great life in Zurich. ;)

Sunitha and Bharath, look forward to meeting you again.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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