84. Priya and Vignesh

84. Priya and Vignesh

Vignesh and Priya’s wedding was at a very exotic location. It’s a temple which is more than 1000 years old. A lot of people go to Nandi Hills every day which is just 60kms away from Bangalore just because it’s the only hill station close to our city. So a lot of people are familiar with the big Nandi statue in front of the Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple which is on the hill. What a lot of people are not aware of is that there is another Nandeeshwara Temple at the foot hills, it’s called the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple.

The Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple is a pretty big temple complex with three temples inside. Its a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvathi. The architecture is very interesting, since it has been influenced by the Cholas, Hoysalas and even the Vijayanagara architectural styles.

The place where the weddings are conducted was built by the Hoysalas with their characteristic pillars. Right next to this place is the ‘Kalyani’ or the water tank where the worshippers could take a bath before they went for prayers. I’d suggest not to take a dip in it now no matter what the circumstances might be. :)

We arrived at this venue early in the morning to get some pictures of the location. Both me and Ram were looking forward to documenting this wedding.

I enjoyed taking pictures keeping symmetry as the key for composition.

Priya and Vignesh 1

The reflections, the ripples in the water, the sparrows jumping from pillar to pillar, light and shadow dancing together; it was just so calm and serene that you can spend hours just sitting on the cool granite platforms under the shade.

Priya and Vignesh 2

This was where the wedding was going to happen.

Priya and Vignesh 3

The flowers gave the place a more divine feel.

Priya and Vignesh 4

The wedding rituals started off almost instantly when the bride and the groom arrived at the venue.

I really like the picture on the right. Priya is doing the Gowri Pooje, you can see the Gowri idol and also the Nadaswara group playing at the back.

Priya and Vignesh 5 wide

Looks like Vignesh has a lot of admirers. :)

Priya and Vignesh 6

It was time for Vignesh’s Kasiyatra ritual. Loads of natural light. We were very happy :D.

Priya and Vignesh 7

Imagine a wedding happening in fast forward mode. We had to be super attentive not to miss a good moment.

I like this picture, you can see the excitement on Vignesh’s friend’s face as well.

Priya and Vignesh 8

Both their families were sitting around them and conducted all the rituals with a lot of enthusiasm.

Priya and Vignesh 9

It is always sweet to see such moments in a wedding, everybody is so happy and there is so much of positive energy. One of the reasons why I love my job as a wedding photographer. :)

Priya and Vignesh 10

As the minutes passed by, it was time for Vignesh to tie the Thali.

Priya and Vignesh 11

Just after tying the holy thread, the husband is asked to rub turmeric powder on the cheeks of his wife. Vignesh was so engrossed in this ritual that when the pandit told him to put some ‘akshathe’ on Priya’s head he was about to rub that on her cheeks instead. :P

Priya and Vignesh 12

And then they poured coloured rice on each other.

Priya and Vignesh 13

The Sapthapadi was next. Loved the way they had decorated for each of the steps. Look at them enjoying the ritual. :)

Priya and Vignesh 14

Had to take a picture with their friends. It was a lot more fun shooting this assignment just because of them.

Priya and Vignesh 15

I was standing really far from both of them, you can imagine me standing on the opposite end of the water tank, that helped to get some lovely candid pictures of them. Loved the vivid reflection in the water.

Priya and Vignesh 16

Priya and Vignesh, you make a wonderful couple.

Wish you the best in life wherever you are.

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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  • janani

    I admired each and every pixel of these photos. Congratulations Priya and Vignesh. Wish you many more happy years of togetherness.

  • Kidambi

    Hi Dude, Awesome pics from what looks like an absolutely phenomenal marriage ceremony. Wish both of you many many such wonderful memories.

  • Bina n Raj

    Hi Phalgun, Great shots as always. Awesome pic to see

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