83. Roopa and Sanjay

83. Roopa and Sanjay

One person is passionate about singing, while the other is a ‘hard to impress’ kind of person. Well, they did get convinced that they were made for each other. Introducing to you Roopa and Sanjay.

Sanjay lives in US while Roopa lives just across the pond, in London. After their engagement, it has been a long distance relationship.

Sanjay actually got some talented musicians together a few days before the wedding and composed a song for Roopa. This was his surprise gift for her during the Sangeeth party. How cool is that? :)

It was actually a lot of fun shooting an ‘All Kannadiga’ wedding. I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures in the blog.

The team consisted of ‘nothing less than Super Heroes’ – Akshay as the second shooter and RamPulla Reddy on the video. :)

Here is a picture I really liked, has her proud mom and her older brother looking over her shoulder. Liked the expressions a lot. That’s a picture of their reflection in the mirror.

Roopa and Sanjay 1

Roopa was ready in traditional South Indian wedding attire.

Roopa and Sanjay 2

Meet Sanjay, fit to be a ‘Hero’ in a Kannada movie.

Roopa and Sanjay 3

While Roopa was doing the Gowri Pooja, Sanjay was getting ready for the Kasiyatra.

Look at the number of hands on his ‘peta’. :D

Roopa and Sanjay 4

People had come early in the morning to witness the Kasiyatra.

I like to take pictures where you can see many people interacting in one frame.

Roopa and Sanjay 5

Fancy umbrella right!? So colorful!

Roopa and Sanjay 6

And then it rained rice grains. :P

Roopa and Sanjay 7

Roopa was super excited to see her ‘to-be-husband’.

Roopa and Sanjay 8

The Jeerge-Bella ritual turned out to be super fun. When it was time to exchange the Jeerge-Bella, Sanjay was lifted high in the air by his relatives. Awesome!

Roopa and Sanjay 9

And they wouldn’t stop looking at each other. You can see their friends and relatives going ‘Dey!’

Roopa and Sanjay 10

During the days that go into planning the wedding making sure everybody is taken care of and check all the logistics are in place, you are already aware that you need to let go of your daughter, but its at this moment during the Kanyadhanam, we have witnessed this many times, parents balling with tears. At this point I can only imagine how hard it must’ve been to let go.

Roopa and Sanjay 11

Oho. Look at the excitement! :D

Roopa and Sanjay 12

What a fantastic shot of Sanjay tying the thali. Akshay! Kudos to you man!

Roopa and Sanjay 13

Love this shot. :)

Roopa and Sanjay 14

Yes. We are very helpful. We allow our clients to use the LCD on our cameras as a mirror. :)

PS. I look like a mess, well, that’s what happens when you shoot a wedding on the hottest day in 10 years.

Roopa and Sanjay 15

Are they delighted or what?!

Roopa and Sanjay 16

Roopa and Sanjay, you make such a fun couple.

Roopa and Sanjay 17

Wish you the best in life, wherever you are!

Will look forward to running into each other in the future.
Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

7 Responses to 83. Roopa and Sanjay
  • Mythili Sunil

    Gr8 pictures. Luved revisiting all those touching moments of those 3 days..
    Wishing Roopa and Sanjay all the very best for their lives ahead.

  • Appa

    The great variety of moods and emotions are captured very well. Our compliments.

  • Sarala Upadhya

    Roopa and Sanjay look happy together, which is what we want. Great photography, Phalgun ! The comments you have posted are so apt.

  • Padmaja Sridhar

    Wonderful, Phalgun
    Very very impressed :)

    Roopa and Sanjay have a great time together :-)

  • Gulab Mistry

    Phalgun: Wouldn’t hesitate to engage you if you were in UK. Great pictures with equally matching captions. Sure they and am sure more that you have in store will help Roopa and Sanjay cherish their big day eternally…Gulab

  • Krithika

    Awesome Phalgun!! Loved the pictures!!!

  • Nikhil Bharadwaj N

    Wonderful photographs, truly enjoyed every pic. Loved the capture of emotions that portrays true feelings of life.

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