86. Kshamata and Prathik

86. Kshamata and Prathik

Prathibha was one of my first clients. I still remember every bit of their wedding just because it was so awesome.

When Prathibha called me and asked me if I was available to shoot a wedding on June 9th, I immediately knew that her brother who was stud was all set to get married.

Prathik is a fun and an honest guy. And you’ll see towards the end of the blog that he has a wild side! :)

I was super excited to shoot his wedding esp. after she mentioned that the same decorator Smitha was going to do the entire setup.

I have driven by Bunt’s Sangha a thousand times and I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding in there. Honestly, I’ve never ever seen this place decorated so well ever.

Smitha! You are one super creative person! The place looked BE-He-utiful!

Kshamata and Prathik 1

Look at the crazy attention to detail. Amazing right!

Kshamata and Prathik 2

I’d never met Kshamata. Within the first few minutes of meeting and talking to her, I realized that she was just perfect for Prathik. She is as down to earth as Prathik.

Kshamata and Prathik 3

I almost dropped off a whole makeup set to get this picture, well I showed it to her and she was like when did you manage to take that picture. :D

Kshamata and Prathik 4

Glamourous or what!?

Kshamata and Prathik 5

The trumpets roared and the wedding took off

Kshamata and Prathik 6

Prathik and his killer smile. Yup, many hearts were broken that day.

Kshamata and Prathik 7
It was nice to see such excitement!

Kshamata and Prathik 8

This ritual really intrigued me, he was asked to hold his sister’s saree’s pallu and walk around the mandap. He was accompanied by Abhijin his brother in law. Interesting ritual I thought. Prathibha and Abhijin were so actively involved in everything. Love to see such bonding between family members at weddings.

Kshamata and Prathik 9

And the two families came together for the garland exhange, it’s here that both the families meet formally in a Hindu wedding.

Kshamata and Prathik 10

First the father of the bride rested his hand on top of the groom’s symbolically saying that she is your responsibility now. And next the bride rests her hand on top of her husband’s to say that we are in this together.

The reason I put these images together is to show the contrast between a bride’s hand, with such elegant mehendi, nail polish and finger rings while the men’s is so boring. :P

Kshamata and Prathik 11

They were officially husband and wife.

Kshamata and Prathik 12

Look who’s thrilled. :)

Kshamata and Prathik 13

No no, they are not doing a Waltz but following the pandit’s instructions on how to stand for the Laja Homa. :)

Kshamata and Prathik 14

That violet attire!! :)

Kshamata and Prathik 15

Don’t they look so happy!

Kshamata and Prathik 16

At the evening party. Spot the subject.

Kshamata and Prathik 17

Meet Prathik’s alter ego. He is a lead guitarist in his band. The whole performance by their band that night was freakin brilliant!

Kshamata and Prathik 18

Meet Arjun. Some of you might know him as High Voltage Arjun on Fever 104 FM. What an entertainer! Was the lead singer as well.

Kshamata and Prathik 19

I had to take a picture with the Rock band! :D

Kshamata and Prathik 20

Kshamata and Prathik! Wish you all the best!

Had a fantastic time documenting your day. Hope you like the pictures. :)

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  • Pillai

    Congrats and all the very best wishes for the new couple.

    The album is a real beauty. creativity at work.
    wish you all success in your future endeavors too.

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