87. Soumya and Ayush

87. Soumya and Ayush

Shreya from Krafted Knots called me one day and asked me to shoot a Reception Party in Chancery Pavillion in their Large Ball Room, I had to say yes.

The event could be a small one or big fat wedding; people at Krafted Knots can pull out a masterpiece anywhere anytime. See for yourself.

This time it was for a lovely couple Soumya and Ayush. They had just returned to Bangalore from their wedding that happened in Kolkata.

Here are some pictures from the Reception Party.

A stunning masterpiece right in the center of the hall, every person who entered the premises entered with a ‘Wow’ look on their faces. :)

Soumya and Ayush Page 11

Tremendous attention to detail.

Soumya and Ayush Page 14

It was a pleasure taking pictures of the lovely couple.

Soumya and Ayush Page 15

Here are some beautiful details in the decoration. These are the little things that makes the brides and photographers happy. :)

Soumya and Ayush Page 16 Soumya and Ayush Page 23

Soumya and Ayush were leaving to Hawaii that night. While talking to them they would show so much of enthusiasm, obviously what a choice for a Honeymoon.

Soumya and Ayush Page 24

Just loved every bit.

Soumya and Ayush Page 26

There was some smooth jazz playing in the background. A fusion of Jazz and Hindi numbers.

Soumya and Ayush Page 28

It was refreshing to capture this event.

Soumya and Ayush, Congratulations and have an awesome holiday in Hawaii! ‘Aloha Oe’ playing in my head right now. :)

Thanks to Shreya from Krafted Knots. Keep up the good work!

Hope you like the pictures.

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  • Shalom Cherian

    This one is Glorious..!!!!!!!!!!!

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