88. Reshma and Nikhil

88. Reshma and Nikhil

Reshma and Nikhil are such a fun couple. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting their wedding. Enjoyed it more because it was at Ganjam Mantapa on Bull Temple Road.

Reshma is a Malayalee and Nikhil a Mangalorean. It was very interesting to see both the families participate in the whole wedding. They were smiling all the time.

The decoration was beautiful, excellent choice of colors, it was looking so vibrant. Loved the way they had used lamps as part of the decoration.

Reshma and Nikhil Blog From Lightroom Page 1Reshma and Nikhil Blog From Lightroom Page 2

Reshma was surrounded by her closed ones while she was getting her make up done. All the time asking for their feedback. While Vejetha from Swank Studio continued working in a very meticulous way. Thanks to her for making so many of the brides that we have shot look fabulous.

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 5D_19Aug2013_0539

The mandap was setup in the center. Ample natural light.

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 5D_19Aug2013_0556

Reshma was looking beautiful and radiant!

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 7D_19Aug2013_0883

Looks like the only good news that day was Reshma and Nikhil’s wedding. :P

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 5D_19Aug2013_0574

Nikhil was all set in his traditional attire.

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 7D_19Aug2013_0956

Reshma was chilling out with her friends (and sister) back stage. So I had to use that opportunity :)

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 5D_19Aug2013_0630

They were so cute and super excited.

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding x100s_19Aug2013_0201

Well, Reshma if you don’t already know this, you just won the ‘who will put the garland first’ challenge. :)

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding x100s_19Aug2013_0241

And then their toes met! :P

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 7D_19Aug2013_1007

Look at her. So looking forward to the next ritual.

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 7D_19Aug2013_1028

This was the first time ever where the groom was on his knees to tie the knot.

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding x100s_19Aug2013_0332

I just love this picture. :)

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 5D_19Aug2013_0694

There were many new rituals, this was one among them, where Nikhil was asked to whisper sweet nothings into her ear or that’s what I thought it was. :)

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 7D_19Aug2013_1101

Here’s another one, the priest put a cloth over them, I wonder what was the significance of that ritual. Whatever it might be, they seemed to enjoy it. :)

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 5D_19Aug2013_0741

I liked the way the silver plate reflected the homa/fire.

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 5D_19Aug2013_0712

I managed to steal them away for some casual pictures. And I loved this one!

Reshma and Nikhil Wedding 5D_19Aug2013_0843

Reshma and Nikhil, it was a lot of fun documenting your wedding.

Congratulations and wish you the best in life!

Have a fantastic time in Spain!

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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