89. Shravanthi and Mohan

89. Shravanthi and Mohan

Shravanthi and Mohan’s Wedding was the first ever Traditional Telugu Wedding we have shot.

This blog is dedicated to just the wedding which was the main event among many events that were spread across 3 days.

Here is a picture of Shravanthi with her mom, who was the main force behind the success of this wedding. As Shravanthi had mentioned, her mom had planned her wedding from the day she was born. :)

She wanted to keep it as original as possible by taking us to a venue which was set like in the olden days, where the wedding mantap was setup right next to the bride’s house. The rituals were blended with so much of tradition and culture.

People had come from across the world, how could they miss such a beautiful wedding.

They are such a warm and extremely friendly family.

This was the first picture I took that day, it was 5.00am in the morning. Both the ladies looked beautiful and excited.

Shravanthi and Mohan-1

She was ready to start the Gowri pooja.

Shravanthi and Mohan-2

At around 6.00am the groom arrived. Love the expression, just shows that he was looking forward to the events that would make it the most special day of his life.

Shravanthi and Mohan-4

Mohan was welcomed by the bride’s family with some really fancy slippers. :)

Shravanthi and Mohan-5

These are a few pictures of the wedding venue. Very vintage, very traditional.

Shravanthi and Mohan Collage-1

We suddenly heard the beating of the drums by these amazing performers from Kerala.

Shravanthi and Mohan-7

The bride was escorted to the venue by the drummers and her close family.

Shravanthi and Mohan-8

Yes, yes Shravanthi. You are getting married today. :)

Shravanthi and Mohan-9

I love to capture the body language before the groom sees the bride for the first time that day. Some are anxious and some are excited. There was no anxiousness here. :)

Shravanthi and Mohan-11

Shravanthi’s hand was all the time on her dad’s lap. We can understand the implicit emotion here.

Shravanthi and Mohan-12

In a Telugu wedding this is the most important ritual, where the bride and groom exchange Jeerge and Bella. They have to put it on each other’s head and press it really hard so it stays there on the head for the rest of the wedding.

Shravanthi and Mohan-13

They seemed to enjoy every moment of it.

Shravanthi and Mohan-14

Love this expression. What a hearty smile!

Shravanthi and Mohan-16

Mohan was all set to tie the knot.

Shravanthi and Mohan-17

Love this beautiful composition by Akshay.

Shravanthi and Mohan-23

And after this they were husband and wife for life.

Shravanthi and Mohan-24

And they poured rice on each other, this ritual is called ‘Talambralu’

Shravanthi and Mohan Collage-3

A blast of colours!

Shravanthi and Mohan-29

This was the most unique Sapthapadi that we have ever shot. On a black stone, stepping on each other’s toes. Interesting and Fun!

Shravanthi and Mohan Collage-2

No hindu wedding is complete without a Lajja Homa.

Shravanthi and Mohan-31

This was fun. The couple had to find a ring in that vessel. I wonder how they managed to put both their hands in there. Mohan was being a perfect gentleman by letting Shravanthi win. :) (Mohan, yes you owe me one)

Shravanthi and Mohan-32

Love this photo, they were trying to understand who should show whom the Arundathi Nakshtra. :)

Shravanthi and Mohan-33

I want to end this post with this picture.

And they were happily married. Holding each others ‘pinky fingers’ was the proof.

Shravanthi and Mohan-36

Shravanthi and Mohan. Congratulations. I wish you both the best in life.

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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  • vidyasagar

    Great expressions captured. Nice commentary. Good work :-)

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