91. Akshaya and Narasimha

91. Akshaya and Narasimha

Akshaya was the sole person responsible for introducing CuspConcepts to some fabulous people. Who, in turn introduced us to more fabulous people. I think she had booked me even before she decided to get married. :)

I still can’t believe that Akshaya and Narasimha’s is an arranged marriage. Narasimha is a very nice guy. I know Akshaya for a long time now and she is an extremely sweet person. Akshaya was so pertinent on making this wedding a replica of her mom and dad’s wedding that even the priest was the same. I will share a picture soon on my Facebook page.

The wedding was at the Gokarnath (Gokarnanatha) Temple or better known as Kudroli Temple in Mangalore. This gave me a chance to checkout Mangalore as well. I had an awesome time trying out all the awesome food. The beaches in Mangalore are so clean and the approach to the beach through the thick layer of trees is a beautiful experience.

The hall adjacent to the temple is nicely designed. What really impressed me was that they had installed such amazing lights to light up the stage it felt like a dream come true. But unfortunately, the conventional photographer wanted to use his own pair of blinding light. Sigh.

Here is a picture of the hall, I managed to get a nice vantage point.

Can those chairs be arranged in a more perfect way? I don’t think so. It’s like they used lasers to get the alignment right.

Akshaya and Narasimha Venue (2 of 2)

No Mangalorean wedding decoration is complete without these.

Akshaya and Narasimha Venue (1 of 2)

Where is Akshaya? Follow the arrow. :)

Akshaya and Narasimha (1 of 20)

When Narasimha arrived, Akshaya’s dad and all the relatives were present there to welcome him.

Akshaya and Narasimha (2 of 20)

This is one interesting tradition followed in Mangalorean weddings, the families from either side stand facing each other, there is one person who is the ‘mirror bearer’ and another who is a ‘water sprinkler’, and they take turns, one by one they come to the other side and show the mirror to everybody/sprinkle water and go back to take their positions. It’s something like the way the chess pawns are arranged on the board.

Narasimha is very tall. Here the ‘Mirror Bearer’ had to lift the mirror quite high for him. Liked the expression. :)

Akshaya and Narasimha (3 of 20)

And then they bless each other. This is a sight to see. Trust me, as a photographer you wouldn’t want to be stuck inbetween them. :)

Akshaya and Narasimha (4 of 20)

Skipping a few pre-wedding rituals to get to this one. Another fun tradition. I wish I could understand Konkani, the poem/song that the lady in the center sang made everybody go ballistic. I’m guessing it must be all about Akshaya’s life henceforth. :)

Akshaya and Narasimha (5 of 20)

Even Narasimha and his mom were enjoying it from far.

Akshaya and Narasimha (6 of 20)

One excited Bride, isn’t she!

Akshaya and Narasimha (7 of 20)

Thought this was a really adorable picture. :)

Akshaya and Narasimha (8 of 20)

Another wonderful tradition, where all the uncles escort the bride to the stage.

Akshaya and Narasimha (9 of 20)

At first Akshaya was so shy. Honestly, its very unlike her. :)

Akshaya and Narasimha (10 of 20)

They just wouldn’t stop looking at each other.

Akshaya and Narasimha (11 of 20)

Narasimha, I bet your heart was racing. Look at that expression :)

Akshaya and Narasimha (12 of 20)

And then they were framed, this time by the priests.

Akshaya and Narasimha (13 of 20)

The most awaited moment. Looks like they have waited for this moment for quite sometime.

Akshaya and Narasimha (14 of 20)

Smiles Unlimited….

Akshaya and Narasimha (15 of 20)

I love this tradition as well. Just after the Sapthapadi, they have to face each other and touch their foreheads. It’s like a Mangalorean version of ‘Now you can kiss the bride’. :)

Akshaya and Narasimha (16 of 20)

After the wedding was over, I was willing to do a casual shoot and man, were they excited. :)

I can never forget this picture, I asked Akshaya to stand in front so that I can have a flow of photos, where each one of them are introduced one by one. But she was only concerned about one thing, Narasimha being in focus too in the pictures. How sweet! :)

Akshaya and Narasimha Pan (3 of 3)

I’d mentioned this before too, every time I get a couple to stand together for a picture, the bride’s hand is always on the groom’s tummy. :)

And did I mention, they are really tall! They were taller than me, so I had to stand on my toes all the time.

Akshaya and Narasimha (17 of 20)

Had to take a picture of her mehendi. Very interesting grid. So I made her position her feet on the intersecting lines of the stone flooring. (ok, little too much information). Unique style I thought.

Akshaya and Narasimha (19 of 20)

I loved this one pillar, so I asked them to stand on either side and man, they were in their own world.

Don’t they make an adorable couple. I still can’t believe it’s an arranged marriage.

Akshaya and Narasimha (20 of 20)

Akshaya and Narasimha. Congratulations on finding each other! And Wish you the best in life!

Thank you so much for your hospitality.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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  • H Ramakrishna Pai

    Loved the Photographs. Thanks for being a part of the Wedding.

  • Alex Sequeira

    Novel way of presentation …precise selection of pics of the special wedding of a lovely couple…backed by a very fine family

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