90. Mrudula and Arun

90. Mrudula and Arun

Mrudula and Arun know each other for many years. Their chemistry is obvious in the pictures below.

The wedding was at Ganjam Mantap, on Bull Temple Road.

Mrudula was the one who stressed out about details in the wedding while Arun just chilled all the time. It was a lot of fun capturing them on camera.

The wedding was a hybrid of Mangalorean and Tamilian traditions.

It’s always a pleasure to shoot at Ganjam. You feel so refreshed as soon as you enter the venue.

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This is my favorite time to take pictures at a wedding. The first time the bride and the groom look at each other. I was standing just behind the bride and was waiting for that moment.

20130908Mrudula and Arun 5D-IMG_5724

There were some pre-wedding rituals. Actually I’m proud of this picture. :)

20130908Mrudula and Arun 5D-IMG_5815-Edit

Mrudula changed into her wedding attire. Ready to sweep the groom of his feet.

Mrudula and Arun Blog Page 2

There was a Pada-Pooja. You can see that Arun made the most out of it.

20130908Mrudula and Arun 5D-IMG_5867

Dude. No Peeking! :)

20130908Mrudula and Arun 7D-_MG_3367

Yes yes. We know that you are made for each other. And you’d like to just stare at each other all the time. :P

20130908Mrudula and Arun Fuji-_S051647

Well, what did I just say.

20130908Mrudula and Arun 5D-IMG_5896

I love the Mangalorean way of Kanya-dhanam. (No no. The priest wasn’t making hand-shadows)

20130908Mrudula and Arun Fuji-_DSF1718

I loved this shot of the Mangal-sutra taken by Raghu. It looks like it’s embracing the two coconuts.

20130908Mrudula and Arun 7D-_MG_3599

They were showered with flower petals and akshathe from all directions.

20130908Mrudula and Arun 5D-IMG_6025

I loved this perspective. Shot by Raghu. :)

20130908Mrudula and Arun 7D-_MG_3714

We, the photographers, were blessed with unlimited smiles from the couple. :)

Mrudula and Arun Blog Page 4

This is another ritual which is my favorite in Mangalorean weddings.

20130908Mrudula and Arun 5D-IMG_6147

Handing over of the bride to the groom’s family. This is a beautiful gesture where the parents of the couple, the bride and the groom rest their hands on each others’.

20130908Mrudula and Arun 5D-IMG_6161

Something about this picture. I had to pick this among the many other pictures of them pointing at the Arundathi Nakshatra.

20130908Mrudula and Arun 5D-IMG_6180

They both changed their attire again for a short Reception function. Just after which they were game for some fun casual pictures around the place.

20130908Mrudula and Arun 5D Reception-IMG_6346

What can I say. They were just so much fun to shoot. :)

Mrudula and Arun Blog Page 5

Mrudula and Arun. Congratulations and wish you the best in life.

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

PS. Arun you remind me of Vin Diesel. There I said it. :D

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