92. Shruthi and Abhinand

92. Shruthi and Abhinand

Remember the awesome couple who won the Free Casual Photoshoot Contest (#bittiphotoshoot). Well, I was looking forward to the shoot as much as Shruthi was.

Shruthi has been one of the most loyal CuspConcepts fan till date. When I opened the contest for submissions, her’s was the first and Man, she managed to get 450+ likes on the photo that she submitted, almost 33% lead over her other competitor, who also is the biggest well wisher of CuspConcepts.

It was very obvious why they won. :D

Some of the reasons that made this shoot one of a kind for CuspConcepts is that it was shot entirely on a Fujifilm X100S, what a sexy camera. I can shoot at ISO 3200 or more and still get amazing pictures. And the casual shoot was in the evening. Something which we have never done.

We planned to do the shoot in and around Malleswaram. We started off from Sankey Tank, because the sunset there is just fantastic and later moved to Malleswaram Market. When I shared this idea with Shruthi, she was thinking on similar lines too. :)

Here’s Shruthi and Abhinand. They met on a Matrimonial site and then realised that they should just get married. As some of you know, the most important question we ask our clients is ‘How did you guys meet?’, the reason being that the chemistry between the two dictates the quality of the pictures.

Question for you readers:

Is the story of them meeting on a matrimonial site, ‘True’ or ‘False’? :D

20130922Shruthi and Abhinand-_DSF2404

The evening light was just beautiful. The inclination and the color of the light make the pictures look so warm and nice.

20130922Shruthi and Abhinand-_DSF2407

They are such a cool couple. Abhinand practises some form of Martial arts. His T-shirt was more like a warning. Yup, alteast a couple of the readers are adding a pair of red shoes to their wishlist right now. :)

20130922Shruthi and Abhinand-_DSF2409

I just love this picture. It’s not Photoshopped or Instagrammed. That’s the lens flare from the setting sun.

20130922Shruthi and Abhinand-_DSF2413

We generally spent a lot of time talking and it was time for us to move to our next location.

20130922Shruthi and Abhinand-_DSF2417

If you have not been to Malleswaram Market ever, you should visit it once. Esp. a couple of days before a festival. You get the freshest of stuff there. As soon as you enter this place, the aroma from the fruits, flowers, vegetables fill up your senses. And how can I forget to mention, it’s a blast of colours.

20130922Shruthi and Abhinand-_DSF2419

They actually shopped for some groceries. Well, I had to take a picture there.

20130922Shruthi and Abhinand-_DSF2444

I always wanted to take a picture like this. Yes, Shruthi is super slim, if Abhinand doesn’t hold her hand, she probably might fly away with the wind.

20130922Shruthi and Abhinand-_S022458

I was basically trying to use the available light, aka Street Light to the max. extent.

20130922Shruthi and Abhinand-_S032464

I had a lot of fun capturing the shadows of the night. :)

20130922Shruthi and Abhinand-_S132503

Shruthi and Abhinand. You guys make such a wonderful couple.

20130922Shruthi and Abhinand-_S212520I had a fantastic time with you guys. Esp. driving around in your cute little Tata Nano.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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