94. Bhavya and Shreyes

94. Bhavya and Shreyes

I’m very confused with the story they shared about how they met. Or probably Bhavya isn’t sharing all of it. ;)

I’m still very suspicious, she keeps telling me and everybody that she didn’t know anything about Shreyes until they met for the first time to discuss their matrimony. Anyway, the reason I’m suspicious is because they are totally in love with each other. Extremely adorable.

Bhavya and Shreyes are such a fun couple. Their engagement was a pretty private affair. It was at the Solitaire Hotel.

There you go. Meet Bhavya and Shreyes’s 1:18 models. :P These look a little grumpy, a complete opposite of the actual couple.

Bhavya and Shreyes-1

The elders were seriously working on the Lagna Patrike.

Bhavya and Shreyes-2

His future Mother-in-law had already started offering a lot of things to Shreyes. (I’m thinking….. ‘Oooh Sitapal’)

Bhavya and Shreyes-5

There it is. Bhavya’s infectious smile. (And you need to see her laugh) :)

Bhavya and Shreyes-6

Their engagement function was very traditional. But they had the Ring Ceremony as well.

Crystal Ring boxes, little pink birdies, two silver mannequin couple with a rose studded bouquet in the hand. Fancy!

Bhavya and Shreyes-7

Look at them! Excited? Yeah!

Bhavya and Shreyes-8

Yes. Exactly. I know. Shreyes, got down on his knees to put the ring and suddenly we couldn’t see a thing. There was a Snow Blizzard from nowhere! :)

Bhavya and Shreyes-9



Bhavya and Shreyes-10

And then there was this cake which looked AMA-H-ZING! Though no one knows what happened to it later. :)
Bhavya and Shreyes-12

Yes Yes. Bhavya. He’ll give you a slice too. :P

Bhavya and Shreyes-13

Bhavya and Shreyes. Congratulations! You are such an extremely adorable couple. :)

Bhavya and Shreyes-11

We had a lot of fun documenting your Engagement Function.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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