93. Ritika and Prasun

93. Ritika and Prasun

I was really happy when Prasun’s friend called me to book CuspConcepts to shoot this wedding because one of my favorite clients had recommended us to him. But little did I know that this wedding would be one of the best we’ve shot till date.

I still remember the telephonic conversations with Prasun, was a lot of fun. I’d never spoken to Ritika until I met her for the first time in Kozhikode. Man! She is one incredibly sweet person.

Ritika and Prasun are doctors and work in the US. They ran into each other a few years back and somewhere down the line they fell crazy in love with each other. :)

The wedding was a mixture of traditions, Ritika is a Punjabi and Prasun is a Malayalee. So you’ll see a blend of both cultures in the pictures as well.

The wedding was in Kozhikode’s Kadavu Resort. Honestly, the resort is heaven on earth. Its on the shores of a river. While going over the bridge to cross the river you can see it nestled between a lot of coconut trees. A true ambassador to the phrase ‘God’s own Country’.

First day, pre-wedding festivities started off with Haldi.

Ritika and Prasun-1

And then there was a little Mehendi function.

Ritika and Prasun-2

Yup, Ritika’s smile can brighten your day in an instant.

Ritika and Prasun-3

The Mehendi artists continued to work without any distractions.

Ritika and Prasun-4

We left for the day and prepared for the big event the next day.

Just like how Kadavu Resort had Kerala’s culture embedded everywhere.

Ritika and Prasun-5

Ritika was all decked up like a perfect malayalee bride.

Ritika and Prasun-6

Ritika was actually unrecognisable.

Ritika and Prasun-7

Her mehendi had come out really well. She even had Prasun’s name inscribed on her palm.

Ritika and Prasun-8

She was looking very beautiful. We warned Prasun that he might feel faint when he sees her.

Ritika and Prasun-9

Prasun looked awesome in his traditional attire.

Ritika and Prasun-11

The wedding was a lot of fun. Like all Malayalee weddings, this one was pretty short too. Both the families cheered on while Prasun tied the knot.

Ritika and Prasun-12

The moment when the father of the bride formally hands over his daughter. A lovely symbolic gesture. The father supports both the daughter and son-in-laws hands.

Ritika and Prasun-13

After the wedding, we had to steal them for a super fun photoshoot.

No no, it’s not what you think. She is just showing him the mehendi. :)

Ritika and Prasun-14


Ritika and Prasun-15

Did we have fun shooting their wedding? Absolutely! :)

Ritika and Prasun-16

It was so cute of Ritika, she saw this swing made out of a rope which was hanging from one of the trees and she wanted to sit on it. :)

I love this picture.

Ritika and Prasun-17

Ritika and Prasun. You guys were amazing. Congratulations again!

Ritika and Prasun-18

Thank you so much for hiring CuspConcepts. We had such a fantastic time. :)

Wish you the best in life wherever you are!

Hope you like he pictures. :)

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