97. Sindhu and Santosh

97. Sindhu and Santosh

Sindhu met Santosh for the first time in the same University they were studying in Australia. They both work on some form of viruses and trojans. But they are not in the same profession. :)

Yup, she works in a Pathology Lab and she was telling me that the coolest thing or rather the perks of her job is that she is made immune to the virus/bacteria she works on. While, Santosh works on strengthening a network from hackers. Totally opposite. :)

Just ask Santosh how they met and trust me you’d hear the most interesting story. Actually, he wouldn’t stop talking about how lucky he is to have met her. Full of Louve!

There were many events that lead to the wedding, but this blog is dedicated to the wedding only.

The wedding was at the beautiful Ganjam Mantap on Bull Temple Road.

I want to start the blog with this picture. Santosh looks all pumped in this picture all set for the day to start. (remember this statement)

20131124Sindhu and Santosh-IMG_0482-1

Sindhu looked beautiful in her wedding attire. Thanks to Vejetha from Swank Studio.

20131124Sindhu and Santosh-IMG_0561

On his way to the Kasi-yatra ritual. Look at Santosh, so excited! :)

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-_S597295-4

Kasi Yatra is always the best time to get such lovely pictures of every one smiling.

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-_S927353-5

Brace for Impact! :P

20131124Sindhu and Santosh-IMG_0533-3

The Antharapatta was raised. Someone had tipped off Santosh that the person who chucks the Jeerge Bella first, wins the “Who-throws-the-Jeerge-Bella-First” challenge.

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-_S628158-9

Realized that we have never taken a close up shot of the Jeerge Bella. (No no, not Bella from the Twilight Series, this is made from Sugarcane) :P

20131124Sindhu and Santosh-IMG_0580-8

Yup! Santosh won the challenge obviously, (I think it was rigged). And for some reason I wonder why everybody were showing their fore-fingers. Interesting.

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-_S748190-10

That look. Says a thousand words.

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-_S318270-12

Akki-Dhaare was fun. Sindhu’s brother lifted her so high and that too single-handed! Whoa!

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-_S768364-13

Beautiful shot by Raghu!

20131124Sindhu and Santosh-IMG_0696

Just after the Kanya-dhanam, Sindhu’s dad was all teary-eyed.

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-_S678339

Another fantastic shot by Raghu. Love the beautiful colours of the rice grains in the background.

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-_MG_5829-14

Getting the bride ready to tie the knot.

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-_MG_5837-16

It was time for the most important ritual. This is when everyone say ‘Hail Hitler’. :P

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-_S339072-17

Love the expressions in this picture.

20131124Sindhu and Santosh-IMG_0749

I’ve never seen a bride and groom enjoying every bit of the wedding so much. Esp. the Lajja-homa, other couples are either squinting or closing their eyes because of the smoke but these guys just had fun!

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-_MG_5948-22

Poor guy, he needed all the blessings in the world. (Wondering why?)

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-_S729165-21

That’s why! (Refer to the first picture, it’s a note to all grooms, you need to work out to put the toe-ring, it’s not easy)

20131124Sindhu and Santosh Toe Ring

Oh man! I laughed so much during the ‘Point-at-random-objects-but-Arundathi’ ritual, that I couldn’t focus my camera at all. :D

20131125Sindhu and Santosh-IMG_0853-23

The next day, I met them at the Sheraton in Orion Mall, Rajajinagar for a quick casual shoot.

They were so much fun!

20131126untitled shoot-_S440130-24

Yay! I had the opportunity to take a silhouette of both of them. I love the way it looks. :)

20131126untitled shoot-_S570162-25

Aren’t they adorable!

20131126untitled shoot-_S970235-26

Sindhu and Santosh! Congratulations and Wish you the Best in life wherever you are!

You make a fantastic pair! We don’t need anymore proof. :)

It was a lot of fun shooting your wedding. Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts!

Hope you like the pictures.

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