95. Roshni and Sriranga

95. Roshni and Sriranga

Here is another love story that started off in PES Institute of Technology. Roshni and Sriranga were classmates, but who would’ve thought that they would actually get married one day. Well, that’s true love, that has survived the test of time.

From day 1 of our interaction, both of them have been so excited about their wedding. They are such a wonderful couple and you will see by the end of this post that they are way too adorable. :)

Some of you might’ve already seen their innovative Windows Phone inspired wedding invite. Yup, they are hard core Techies. The wedding was at Ganjam on Bull Temple Road.

I enter the venue early in the morning and I see the bride walking around happily all set in her wedding attire, checking on everybody else. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the bride ready before anybody else. Was she looking forward to the wedding or what! :)

She was glad to be photographed since there was still time before any of the rituals started.

Introducing to you all, Roshni. Brighten anybody’s day with that smile. Name is so apt I thought. I didn’t see her not smiling even once that whole day. :)

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam

Meet Sriranga. Extremely down to earth.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-3

It was really sweet of Roshni’s friend’s parents to sit and represent her side of the family in the mandap. She was accompanied by her grand parents too. They did everything tirelessly, like she was their own daughter. Was inspiring.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-2

After a few rituals it was time for Sriranga’s Kasiyatra.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-4

The Antharapatta was raised. Sriranga waited for his bride to be escorted to the stage.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-5

No no, she is not ‘rapping’, she was actually singing a classical song. The song was beautifully sung, Roshni’s friends held trays full of lit lamps and petals and another set of friends put rose petals on the path that Roshni would walk on.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-6

Roshni was escorted by her uncles to the mandap.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-7

While Roshni patiently waited, Sriranga was making strategies.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-8

This was awesome! I liked the way Sriranga’s dad has ducked low to avoid the line of fire.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-9

I love this picture. The motion blur of the rice grains falling off each other’s heads. Only a camera can capture this.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-10

It was time for the main ritual. I think they just needed an excuse to pour rice and petals on them. :)

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-11

I bet they wouldn’t have imagined that getting married felt like this.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-13

I wonder what Roshni was thinking. :D

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-15

This was hilarious, the fact that even the priest is trying to see what they are pointing at. :P

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-18

I had a lot of fun taking their pictures with Ganjam’s Signature backdrops.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-14

In the evening there was a Reception.

As I already mentioned. This is proof that she was ready way before the groom and she actually helped him get ready. :) (Roshni, you can thank me later)

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-19

Don’t they look great! :) I love this picture.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-20

I had to take a picture to showcase the essence of Ganjam.

Roshni and Sriranga Ganjam-21

Roshni and Sriranga. Congratulations! You both are just so perfect for each other.

Wish you the best in life!

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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  • Harish Eshwar

    Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple!!! :) :)
    Enjoy maadi!!!

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