96. Sudeepti and Sudheer

96. Sudeepti and Sudheer

They met each other for the first time at the start of this year. And they have had the opportunity to bond and know each other over the months before they finally tied the knot. Both of them live in different states in the US, states so far apart that there is actually a time difference.

I asked Sudeepti, what was that one most memorable thing that Sudheer did that confirmed that she had made the right choice. And she recalled this very sweet incident. It was the start of a long weekend and both of them had planned to meet up, Sudheer had to come all the way from California to Texas. Sudeepti had already made a long list, of ways to maximize that long weekend. And just then receives a call from Sudheer that he wouldn’t be able to come and that he was caught up with work. You can imagine how the reactions from a woman you want to marry can be. While talking to him on the phone in a distressed tone, Sudeepti hears the door bell ring and with half a mind she opens it to find him standing in the doorway smiling at her. :)

When I heard this story, all I could think of was to remember to congratulate Sudheer later that day. Sudheer, good move buddy. If she had to recollect every instance of it with such detail, then it just means that its the memory she’s going to have for a long time.

Meet Sudheer. A very calm, down-to-earth guy.

Sudeepti and Sudheer

This is Sudeepti. The biggest thing on her list on that day probably was to just get married. :)

Sudeepti and Sudheer-3

I had to share this, they were giving away these extremely beautiful Gowri figurines to people as part of the Thambula/Return gift. See it for the first time.

Sudeepti and Sudheer-4

Always mesmerized by the smoke swirls.

Sudeepti and Sudheer-2

I was just fascinated with the way they had arranged the beetle nuts, that grid is so close to every photographer’s heart. Yup! Its just like the focus points grid on a DSLR. :P

Sudeepti and Sudheer-5

There was a conventional photo/video team with their super bright video light, so I used it to my advantage. :)

Love the way it has come out with the lens flare.

Sudeepti and Sudheer-8

On the other side of the Antharapata. Look at the excitement. :)

Sudeepti and Sudheer-9

Very obvious who won the Jeerge Bella challenge. :)

Sudeepti’s body language says a lot.

Sudeepti and Sudheer-10

They seemed to enjoy the Akki-dhaare.

Sudeepti and Sudheer-11

Again, the back light adding its charm. :)

Sudeepti and Sudheer-12

Kankana-Dhaare is a very interesting ritual. Their close family sit around them and the priest un-rolls this thread which is held by the family members. Implying that the couple have their blessings and support.

Sudeepti and Sudheer-13

The thread that was held by all the family members during the Kankana-dhaare is folded to a foot long length which is in-turn tied by the bride on the groom’s wrist and vice versa. The implicit meaning is very interesting I thought.

Sudeepti and Sudheer-14

It was time for the most important ritual. Sudheer was so excited. :)

Sudeepti and Sudheer-15 Sudeepti and Sudheer-16

Look at them, the newly weds. So happy! :D

Sudeepti and Sudheer-17

Sudheer took great care in all the rituals that followed.

Sudeepti and Sudheer-18

The wedding went really smoothly. They smiled all throughout. :)

Sudeepti and Sudheer-19

Congratulations Sudeepti and Sudheer! :D

Sudeepti and Sudheer-20

Wish you the best in life wherever you are! :D

I had fun shooting such a traditional Kannadiga wedding after a long time.

Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.

Hope you like the pictures. :)

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