100. Nikitha and Biswajit

100. Nikitha and Biswajit

It’s not rare to meet brides who have planned their weddings all their life. But Nikitha was unique, she is a perfectionist of the highest order. It’s always a pleasure to work with such brides since they have already thought through the entire wedding from script/idea to reality, making our life easier. :)

We have a lot of common friends, in the process of making sure that we shoot her wedding, she has tried every possible route to get through. And I think it worked and the assignment was a great success. The main reason why we enjoyed working on this assignment is because she gave us all the freedom to do our job. Thank you Nikitha. :)

Nikitha met Biswajit at work and through time realised that there was some unexplainable divine connection between them. They were there for each other through rough times and the happiest of times, and that’s what strengthened their relationship.

Nikitha and Biswajit are poles apart, like extreme poles. If Biswajit is a good listener then you can guess how talkative Nikitha must be. I would say, 10 words a second. :D (Don’t kill me)

The chemistry is very visible, and very evident. Watch the Wedding Highlights to see for yourself. :)

Congratulations to you both. Wish you the best in life wherever you are! :D

The wedding was at the Elements – Maharani Mandap. It was decorated beautifully by these decorators called ‘Kushi Vivaah‘. There was so much detail to be captured. If you are looking for an outdoor venue for a wedding, just blindly book this place. Sunitha and Bharath, who own this place are super sweet and they’ll make your planning process a breeze. (Yes, Sunitha and Bharath, you owe me a treat for all the sweet words.)

Rampulla Reddy and me, were the team with one objective, to document the wedding on video.

Now, without further ado, watch this beautiful wedding’s highlights video. :D

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