107. Rachel and Anish

107. Rachel and Anish

I met Rachel for the first time while I was shooting one of her best friend’s wedding. She was running around with a brand new camera, taking some candid photos. Thanks to photography we became friends, rather good friends (probably that’s how everybody feels around her). The most important reason why I totally respect and am extremely thankful to her is because she convinced me into saving my sons stem cells. I’ll never forget that presentation she gave in front of  300+ people at a 1-day workshop organised by CloudNine Maternity Hospital for ‘To-be-Parents’

She is one super enthu person who is so much fun to talk to. When she contacted me to check if I was available to shoot her wedding, I was super happy. She told me that she was in love with this guy who she met a few years back. Their story is so cute and some instances are so funny. She tells me that Anish was head over heels when he first saw her in a church where she was part of the choir. They both agree that it’s because of this one white Kurta that they are together. :P (you can let your imagination go wild about the white kurta)

I was really looking forward to meet Anish and trust me guys, he is as sweet as Rachel. Man! They are just perfect for each other.

The wedding was at a small town called Ayroor, in a church close to where Anish lived. Rohith was my second shooter and he was with Anish covering all the rituals that happened at his place.

Ram and Me were with Rachel, following here everywhere she went.

When I first saw her in the morning, I was like WHOA! I couldnt recognize her. She was looking extremely beautiful in her wedding attire! :)

Canon EOS 5D Mark II  Rachel and Anish 5DMKII 009 Canon EOS 5D Mark II  Rachel and Anish 5DMKII 018

She was holding this bouquet which was made by her friend. She considered it really special and she wants to save it to give it to her daughter on her wedding day. Cute! :)

X100S  Rachel and Anish FujiX100S 020

On the other side, Rohith was capturing these amazing moments where Anish was discovering small notes written by Rachel, hidden in the pockets of his suit, watch case, etc.

Canon EOS 6D  IMG_9867 Canon EOS 6D  IMG_9872

And here’s his answer! :)

Canon EOS 6D  IMG_9878

There was a short prayer before they left to the church.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II  Rachel and Anish 5DMKII 102
Canon EOS 6D  IMG_0098

How could I forget to share a picture of the Bridesmaids! :) Yup! This post’s views are going to go off the top!

Canon EOS 5D Mark II  Rachel and Anish 5DMKII 141

Look at her. So excited! :D

X100S  Rachel and Anish FujiX100S 134

The most adorable flower girl walked the aisle.  Followed by the bridesmaids.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II  Rachel and Anish 5DMKII 159

And then Rachel walked the aisle with her father. Her friends told me that she wanted her dad to pick her up from school/college everyday. No wonder this moment is so extra special to her. She bought these shirt cuff pins which read ‘Father of the bride’.  Ain’t that sweet! :)

Canon EOS 6D  IMG_0215

I bet Anish was swept off his feet to see Rachel dressed up as a bride. :)

X100S  Rachel and Anish FujiX100S 146

The church was so simple and beautiful. Felt so much at peace inside.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II  Rachel and Anish 5DMKII 178

The proceedings started immediately.

X100S  Rachel and Anish FujiX100S 212

It was so nice to listen to the prayers.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II  Rachel and Anish 5DMKII 263

After a few rituals, it was time.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II  Rachel and Anish 5DMKII 333

And. It was all over. They were Husband and Wife! :)

Canon EOS 5D Mark II  Rachel and Anish 5DMKII 368

I’m sure they would’ve run this day in their heads multiple times even before they got married.

They were so thrilled! :D

X100S  Rachel and Anish FujiX100S 383

They are so crazy in love with each other! They would drift off into their own world at the slightest chance.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II  Rachel and Anish 5DMKII 406

Rachel and Anish. Congraulations and wish you the best in life wherever you are!

It was a pleasure documenting your wedding. We had so much fun! :D

Thank you for all the hospitality.

Hope you like the pictures!

PS. Rachel I know you are an English teacher. I’d be glad to correct all the grammatical mistakes I’ve made in this post. :)

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