CuspConcepts is 4 years!

CuspConcepts is 4 years!

I have now equaled the longest time I’ve stayed in one company till date. :) Well this time it was my own.

Professionally it’s been the best year yet! Wonderful clients, good work, made loads of new friends. Personally, the craziest year of my life! Why? Well, for three reasons, Parenting, Parenting and Parenting.

I think after the 1st year this was the only year where I’ve learnt so much and gained so much of knowledge.

Let’s see, 2013-14 in retrospect:

  • Bought a new camera which turned out to be more than just a camera. Some of you might’ve seen me dancing around with it. It’s the new love of my life. It’s the Fujifilm X100S. (Why are you so good!) :)
  • My associates have upgraded to a high-end camera/s so now my cameras are my cameras. Totally enjoying shooting with my cameras and lenses. :) The Canon 5D MKII + Canon 50mm F1.2L just make a great pair!
  • Learnt a great way to design photo books. Adobe InDesign has just changed the way I design photo books. I have full freedom to be creative with the layouts and suddenly I’m really happy with the photo books I’ve designed since. Love them and am proud of them! They have a simple, elegant and a timeless way of story telling that will be cherished for decades.
  • Fight with Canvera to improve print quality has gone well into next years plan. Sigh.
  • Printing more and more photo books through (They are just awesome)
  • Have been very careful while agreeing to assignments. 95% of the clients are the ones who like our work and understand our photo-journalistic approach to documenting weddings. And hence, has been a great year.
  • Upgraded the computers in the studio to accommodate for the new workflow.

Key things from my plan for 2014-15:

  • Figure out a better way to record audio while shooting wedding videos, which will streamline my current workflow
  • Since Canon sucks at nailing the White balance 80% of the time (this is where Fujifilm ROCKS!), have to make it a priority to set it on location
  • Compose for 1:1 while shooting, so it helps big time in post-processing and photo book design
  • Meet more photographers who can inspire. (******* Most important note*******)

Here’s a look at the awesome clients/friends/couples I got to work with last year. Thank you for bearing with me and love you all!

4th Year

The stereotype suggests that photographers are always deep in thought, thinking about creative ideas, silent, a man of few words, etc etc well, I probably to fall into that stereotype because people who know me can vouch for me when I say that I’m one extremely talkative person. Yup! I talk a lot, I know it annoys some people but I love to share my thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc. So, my old clients/friends, sorry, don’t hate me for that. :P

If I had to choose one wedding which was close to my heart and the most fun we’ve had shooting. It has to be Ritika and Prasun’s wedding that we shot at Kozhikode. Beautiful place, beautiful wedding and a wonderful couple. I was the video-cameraman for this wedding while Rohith Ravi and Raghunandan were the photographers.

It was a great year and definitely a year to remember. 2014-15 is already looking interesting, with a promising line-up of weddings. :)

Thank you all for following CuspConcepts and for all your support. We are who we are today because of you!

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  • Sudeepti

    Congrats Phalgun.. WIshing you all the best for the future years and more success as well.. :)
    Keep up the great work and the wonderful blog too… !!

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