Puja and Tushar

Puja and Tushar

Yes. I know. It’s been almost a year now since I blogged. I have been getting a lot of requests to blog on cuspconcepts.com for quite some time now, but I was really waiting for some motivation. Please forgive me. And this assignment was just what I needed. It was so amazing that I had to, was dying to blog about it. (took prior permission from the couple)

I bet this one you’ll really enjoy.

I’ve known Tushar for quite a few years now, he was always this guy with a smile permanently attached to his face. Always behind a camera, capturing his family and friends whenever we met. It was a surprise when he pinged me and asked me if I was available for this event. He asked me last year itself and I obviously was excited to shoot it. Little did I know about his fiance’, actually the word ‘fiance’ doesn’t do any justice to the relationship they share. Believe me, by the end of that night I had set some ‘relationship goals’ for myself. Such an adorable pair.

The way the events unfolded, the evening was nothing short of a romantic movie. There was one time when I saw that every one were wiping their tears. (Ahem, me too)

First, I want you to start playing this sound track composed by Tushar (Yup! An amazing musician he is, singer-songwriter) to set the mood for the blog.

I met Puja for the first time while she was getting her make-up done. She was such a simple down to earth person. Very very sweet. And Extremely pretty too! Good job Tushar. :P

I immediately went in search of Tushar to get some getting ready shots of him too. Had fun catching up. I think he got ready in 5 mins flat.

The first look! :) Tushar was silent with a wide smile on his face while Puja kept staring at him probably reading his mind.

Yeah man! You got a thumbs up. The rest of the evening is going to be great. (It’s a sign, believe me)

No no. That’s not fog, it was just some pleasant smelling smoke to fumigate the premises! (Yikes)

As some of you know. I’m a very spontaneous photographer, I don’t spend more than 5-10 seconds taking a picture. And also, you already know that I suck at posing people.

She was a natural. Any picture I clicked looked great! :D

I asked Tushar to look away from my camera and look at Puja instead. And he wouldn’t stop laughing and shaking all over.

Well, if this is what was happening in front of him, who wouldn’t. :P

They are just way too romantic. Infinitely Romantic. There are no words in my (very limited) dictionary for this level of …. you got it, right?! [Love this picture]

It was very difficult separating them.

Love this picture too. Actually. I’ll tell you why this picture is the most memorable one for me. :)

In my feeble attempt at posing them, I asked Puja to go perpendicular into his chest. (Ok, I’m LMAO while I’m typing this) And I see Puja gesturing… Whaaat?

And then she was like, “What? You want me to HEAD-BUTT him?” ……. ROFL.

It was just too hilarious. I can never forget this. In the 300+ photo shoots I’ve done. I heard that for the first time.


One last picture before they had to go meet the guests. You guys are so adorable.

I had no clue about the ‘awesomeness’ of that evening.

And then I got to listen to this fantastic performance by one of Puja’s best friends. Check it out. https://soundcloud.com/listentogaya/2-marble-moon

I’ve become a big fan. Some of you know that I’m a major audiophile. She is just Amazing, give her a listen. Cheers Gayathri! (gayamusic)

And I think even the cat couldn’t help but sit and listen to her sing. :)

This was very emotional. When Puja’s dad started his testimonial speech, he just broke down and instantly his wife, Tushar’s dad and uncle ran to him to console him.

At the other end of the hall, Puja was balling with tears. I think she pretty much cried through all the performances and speeches that night.

That’s Gayathri. Did I mention that she is just awesome. Gayathri You are awesome!

The MC for that night. Tushar’s older brother Tarun. Such a fun family.

Suddenly, it was time. Tushar started singing the songs he wrote for Puja, the whole crowd were swaying to his tune and at the same time Puja was again balling with love and tears, and also her friends were cursing him for being such a romantic. :P

Hope you are already listening to his soundtrack that I shared above. If not play it now. It felt like I was transported to some resto-bar in London where a Live Jazz band was playing. So good.

Tushar. I hate you man. You have set a bar too high for any boyfriend/husband to reach.

Supremely adorable they were.

After all the performances and one round of cocktails. It was time to Partttieeeeee. :D

Puja and Tushar. I’m so glad we met and you chose me to document this event. Thank You.

Congratulations and wish you the best in life. Cheers buddy!

Hope you like the pictures.

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