Deepthi and Chetan

Deepthi and Chetan

This was one of the most memorable weddings of 2017 (till date) and my favorite one too. You’ll know why, read on.

When Chetan booked me to document his wedding. I swear, I didn’t know that the bride was Deepthi. I’ve met Deepthi before at two other weddings (again, of my favorite clients). It came as a pleasant surprise when I went to shoot her getting ready pictures. :)

It just changed the outlook of that day for me, I knew this wedding shoot is going to be a lot of fun.

Deepthi and Chetan come from artistic families. Deepthi and her family have been in the film industry for many years. If you see her mom, you’ll easily recognize her. Chetan’s family is into Indian classical music. That’s where the connection happened. Chetan’s mom teaches the Veena, she teaches one of Deepthi’s best friends. And when Deepthi herself decided to join for the classes, well; eyes met, they both met and one day they decided to get married.

Now, having shared the background, the wedding was a pretty low key affair. Which made it all the more special!

The wedding was at the beautiful Ganjam Mantapa on Bull Temple Road, Basavangudi.

I shoot a lot of weddings in Ganjam Mantapa (I’m sure some of you who follow CuspConcepts, know that by now :P)
But one thing which I totally love is the way everytime every wedding, the decor has been different. I love the way the decor vendor (Srinivas) gives attention to detail.

I found my way to the Bride’s room, and as I’d already mentioned, I was so happy to see Deepthi. She looked so pretty and vibrant. I remember telling her that she looks like an actor (ignorant me). And that’s when I got to know that she has acted is many movies.

She was a natural when it came to portraits. She was super comfortable infront of the camera, in any case I don’t spend more than a minute taking portraits. Every photo I clicked, looked epic!

That’s her mother! :) Any guesses?

The groom was welcomed by the entire family. Strangely, I consider really lucky to have got this frame! Love it.

Everyone blessed either side of the guests before they were escorted inside.

Skipping a few rituals and it was time for his Kasi yatra. I like this frame because if you follow the direction of everyone’s eyes, there’s a lot of information you can gather.

He was blessed again. This time all of the rice was directed only at him.

As he was escorted to the mandap, the stage was set for the next ritual.

They hadn’t looked at each other yet. That cloth adds to the excitement, for the first look. You can make out that Deepthi is really looking forward to the cloth being lowered.

And, the Jeerge Bella competition is Go! Attack!

Deepthi was proving that she’s strong and wouldn’t cry during the Kanya dhanam.

Akhi Dhaare was a lot of fun. It was pretty competitive. :)

I love this picture!

The first step, in the run-up to the main event.

After he got the permission from everyone, it was time to tie the knot.

I love this picture too. :)

Chetan was already showing signs of a very good husband by gently guiding her in all the rituals that followed.

It was then time to “Boink!” :P

And then they had a little wrestling match. :P
It ended up as a “Tie”. (#Badjoke)

And then he had to show her where the Arundathi nakshatra was.

After the wedding was over, I finally got the couple for some portraits. The light was amazing.

I love this picture!

Congratulations Deepthi and Chetan. Wish you all the best in life.
We really enjoyed documenting your wedding.
Oh wait! How could I not share this photograph of Deepthi’s best friends. And my favorite clients! Thank you Sahana and Apurva :)

Hope you like the pictures. Thank you for choosing CuspConcepts.


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