Vidya and Rohit

Vidya and Rohit

I want to start this post by saying, this was one of the most fun weddings I’ve shot in a long time. The couple, who were so full of energy. There was such a positive vibe all around. And their family and friends who wouldn’t stop cracking jokes, to top it all the decor in Ganjam was just so beautiful.

Honestly, when Vidya and Rohit called me, I knew it was a perfect assignment. You’ll see why. She’s a  Coorgy and and Rohit’s a Mangalorean. It was a lot of fun photographing this wedding. :)

Notice the name board, it was hand painted on canvas by one of their friends.

Vidya arrived with a big gleaming smile. I hadn’t met her before this, so as a photographer, this was a great sign, sets the expectations for the rest of the day.

Rohit was like a magnet. People would just start swarming around him. :)

He was escorted inside by her dad.

Just when he entered, suddenly one of his nieces held up her dupatta to block his view. Vidya was standing there at the staircase.

Love this photo!

Nehad did the makeup and Vidya was now looking like an Indian Bride on a wedding magazine cover.

The light was Epic! Believe me, this was just the beginning of an Epic play of light = Happy Photographer! :D

:D Rohit’s stunned looks continued.

The chemistry between them was so lovely.

They just needed a reason to flirt I guess, and this ritual was making it more convenient. :P

Skipping a few rituals.

And it was time to tie the knot. Again, the light was amazing.

Look at Rohit. Haven’t seen anyone more smitten! :)

Sigh. I want to go back to shoot this wedding again. Loved every frame. Damn you Ganjam, you make me weak.

Note to self: White cloth cover for the mantap is perfect, instead of green and red carpets.


It was like as if someone up there wanted to make me really really happy that day. :)

Like “Phalgun, you haven’t seen anything yet….”


Love this!

It was such a wonderful wedding and pleasure to photograph. The friends of theirs just made the experience even better.

The evening party was on another day at Bangalore Club. It was  a very relaxed setting with very delicious food. :)

Love this picture.

Vidya and Rohit, Congratulations on finding each other and wish you all the best.

Thank you for choosing us, it was a very memorable assignment for us. Cheers!

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