Wedding 101 – A Guide

Deepthi and Arjun X100S February 11, 2015 _CCC0982

This is a guide for anybody who is planning a wedding. Sharing my experiences after shooting more than a 100 weddings, hope it helps somebody.

(Draft: This is a page which will be continuously updated, with pictures to give a better idea)

The services are listed in the order of their priority:

  1. Location/venue
    1. Indoor
    2. Outdoor
    3. Temple
    4. Arya Samaj
    5. Farm House
    6. Backyard
    7. Hotels/Resorts
    8. Beach
    9. Palace
  2. Decoration
    1. Decor (Flowers, Drapes, Lights)
    2. Stage Lighting
    3. Shelter
  3. Photography and Video services
    1. Different Documentation styles
    2. Deliverables
  4. Agenda/Order of events
    1. Estimated time of events

Let’s look at each of these points in more detail.


This is the first thing you have to book as soon as your wedding is confirmed. It’s really a good time to be getting married now because there are so many options unlike a few years back where the only choice you had was a wedding/convention hall.

Here are the pros and cons of choosing a particular location type:

  1. Indoor/Convention Halls:

    Most of the wedding venues available are of the closed/indoor type.

    • Pros:
      • Shelter from Rain and Sun.
      • Possibility for a AC hall
      • Availability of more than just 2 Rooms
      • Mostly inside the city
      • Have Roomy elevated stages for conducting the weddings
      • Dining halls
      • Lifts
      • The rituals can be conducted at any time of the day
    • Cons:
      • Dark Dark Pitch Dark stage, I still haven’t come across an indoor venue with good natural light at the mantap area (Ganjam, with the mantap in the center is an acceptable exception) And the hall’s’ management thinks 1 or 2 flood lights should do the job. (Sigh)
      • 99/100 times, the stage decorations for weddings and receptions have 8-10 LED lights and all other lights focused just at the decoration but nothing at the main area where the couple would be sitting/standing (It’s a very sad state, believe me). Again the main protagonists of the ceremony are standing/sitting in pitch darkness
      • 7/10 times the rooms where the bride and groom get ready are in a terrible state. Let alone the brides, even family members would not want to open the bathroom door attached to that room. Would suggest that the couple get ready in a nearby hotel room or at home or at a parlour
      • Gowri pooja is typically conducted in the claustrophobic nausea inducing tiny rooms assigned to the bride. Why? Why? Why? Since the most of the halls don’t have good rooms, conducting the ritual in there is a nightmare
      • No clean restrooms for guests
      • No ramps for physically challenged people and elderly people


  • There are loads of ideas for decorations. Lighting is very very important. Make sure the decorator uses either Parcan lights (with butter paper to diffuse the light) to light up the area where the couple sit/stand. Some decorators even have tiny LED flood lights that can be mounted inside the mantap structure.
  • If the decorator uses LED focus lights for the decor, please insist on just yellow light, since other colours in our experience can cause this epilepsy inducing flicker while shooting video.

Super Hit Tip:

Mantap in the center of the hall and not on the stage solves 95% of the issues with indoor/convention hall setups. Reception can be on the stage, but center mantap is definitely a super hit tip!

My favorite indoor/convention halls:

  • Ganjam Mantapa
  • Panchavati
  • Sathya Sai Samskruta Sadanam
  • Bunts Sangha
  • MLR Convention Center (JP Nagar)
  • Abhimaani Inn and Convention center

  1. Outdoor/Open Air Venues:

    Such wedding venues are sprouting in and around Bangalore.

    • Pros:
      • Natural Ambience
      • Some venues have breathtaking views
      • Ample amount of Natural light
      • Infinite ways to decorate the venue
      • Multiple venues for multiple events can be spread across the real estate
      • Wedding planners and decorators can do magic with the way the place looks in the day and night. Esp. if there are events spread across multiple times of the day.
      • From a photography perspective, great portraits, natural colors and good contrast in the day time. In the evening, a photographer can get great portraits with shallow depth of field where the subject is separated from the background.
      • Perfect for a crowd of any size either 15 people or 2500
      • Gives the families a lot of privacy, shielded from the outside traffic noise.
      • Good thick material can be used to shelter/block out heavy sunlight or light rain for the canopies/marquee tents.      
    • Cons:
      • One MAJOR concern with outdoor/open air venues is the WEATHER! WEATHER! WEATHER!
      • Mid-day from 11:00am to 3:00pm can get supremely hot since we are in India. Doesn’t matter which month it’ll be HOT during that time of the day, believe me.
      • Most of the time these venues are not in the city, transport and logistics is a problem.
      • Since it’s in the outdoor; flies, mosquitoes could be a problem.


  • Work really hard to make sure the wedding or any of the rituals start early and end by 11:30am
  • Fumigation services are available
  • Have plenty of umbrellas, helps save you from the rain and sun.
  • Make sure the shelter has thick cloth and not translucent ones to block out the harsh sun or light rain

Super Hit Tips:

Weddings can start early in the morning and have ample shelter. Nights can be open-air for the cocktail parties or receptions etc.

My favorite outdoor/open-air venues:

  • Woodrose Club
  • Tamarind Tree
  • MLR Convention Center
  • Shibravyi
  • Elements Celebrate
  • Movenpick Lawns
  • Royal Orchid Lawns
  • Manipal County
  • Templetree
  • Balan Farm
  • Anandhama Retreat (Mekedhaatu)
  • Discovery Village near Nandi Hills

Sorry. This is all I have for now. Yet to add content to remaining sections. If you’ve stayed on the page and read till here, then it shows you are interested, a lot more content is coming up. I promise! :)