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Wedding Photography

Our objective is to document a wedding ‘as-is’. We employ a ‘Photo-Journalistic’ approach to document weddings.

What is the meaning of ‘Photo-Journalistic’ style?

Documenting a wedding in a non-obtrusive, un-intrusive, everything from the start till the end. It includes people, their expressions, emotions, interactions with friends and family, pictures of details that give the wedding it’s own personality and all the rituals would be captured.

We do not disturb the setting, you (the couple) or the family members during the wedding to look at the camera or pose in any way. We do not block the view of your family or friends. We believe that the interaction between you and your loved ones is the essessence of the wedding. And it’s our primary objective to capture it.

The only time where we ask you to look at the camera is when we take your formal portraits of just you and then with your family. These are important memories and have to be photographed.

From a post-processing perspective, we like to keep the pictures aas natural as possible. We took this decision when we setup CuspConcepts and will not change ever.


1. 175+ Corrected Pictures ready to be printed

2. All the pictures in the highest resolution on a DVD for backup

3. The photo book design and layout is done in-house to showcase a story. We like to keep the design simple and elegant and let the pictures speak for themselves

4. The photo books can be ordered in India or Internationally and please note that we do not take any profit on the cost of the Photo Book. We just push the invoice that is shared by our vendor directly to you

5. An online link to view the photobook, that can be shared with your family and friends anywhere in the world

Note: We will need atleast 4 weeks to deliver.


Wedding Film

A wedding film is not a wedding video in the conventional sense. We specifically call it a wedding film because, we like to document all the details of the wedding in a documentary style. We use the original audio and also shoot in the ambient light available. There are so many things that’d be documented which you or your family members would’ve missed in the wedding.

To hold the interest of everybody till the end of the video, we edit the video to keep it short and meaningful.

It’s on the similar lines as Photography. We employ a ‘Photo-Journalistic’ approach to document weddings.

A non-obtrusive, an un-intrusive style of documenting the wedding. We do not use bright blinding lights that spoil the ambience and the natural feel of the setting.

In our opinion, we think the video captures a lot more of the wedding than pictures. It has mulitple complex layers like audio, emotion, a start and an end for everything. You literally, re-live the wedding.


1. We shoot in High-Definition, so we give you both DVD versions and the HD versions. We can provide surround sound as well. We can also upload the video to Dropbox so you can share it with your friends and family around the world

2. A short wedding-film with the highlights of the wedding

Note: We will need atleast 4 weeks to deliver.



The costing is very straight forward, its directly proportional to the no. of hours and no. of photographers hired. We are based in Bangalore, we also take up assignments outside Bangalore but the logistics and accommodation costs for the team would be charged.